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*** Boston, MA Fanviews Here 9/4/18 ***



  • JH6056JH6056 Posts: 1,718
    anez_98 said:
    I feel like I'm the only who loves Arms Aloft. Great song! Was happy to hear it! 
    You're definitely not the only one, I was very happy to hear it too! Huge Clash/Strummer fan, and love that they're big fans too.
  • Gern BlanstenGern Blansten Your Mom'sPosts: 10,871
    Yeah I dug Arms Aloft...nice to hear it
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    The first time I heard AA live was at PJ20. I thought it was great. It's a fun, rocking tune. 
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  • oomm053 said:
    Loved the driving start to night 2. 1) Given to Fly. Here we go. 2) Animal. Alright !!! 3) Save You. Oh Yeah!!! 4) Arms Aloft. Oh No...… And then the "in Fenway Park" insertion. There was a palpable deflation of energy throughout the park. I don't want to come off as a spoiled and entitled brat, but I can't help but think what the place would have done if they had instead ripped into Last Exit, Brain of J, or given the political climate, Grievance or Insignificance. However, I still consider myself very lucky to have been there. Maybe Arms Aloft would have been better placed later in the set.
    yeah i thought the same things.  instead of AA, any of those songs, or cordouroy, or even unthought.  something that had a little more crowd participation.   splitting hairs here but it was an odd choice at that part of the show
  • I was happy to hear it but only as I hadn't heard it live before. I just don't dig the tune-skip it when I put Ten Legs on. You definitely felt a little air being let out of the balloon at the park so maybe others felt the same as I did. But out of 30 odd songs not many people aren't going to adore every one. Like Stone said in PJ20, they could kill us by playing five songs! Had Last Exit then Evolution been played after that we might have seen a whole new level of batshit. But they play what they want to play and more power to them for that. Just a happy coincidence we all love almost everything they play.
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    So much energy. Its been a few years for me between shows because I live in Texas. Texans have not been too kind to the band in the past so its not even surprising. 

    My husband and I flew in  just for the show and one night but man that loss of sleep was worth it. I have been a fan since I was 14 so this was a big deal for me, not too much for him. I had to go! In fact I called in sick to work so I could go. 

    I like many others were excited when it seemed like we were going to hear Dirty Frank. This was possibly one of the best shows I've been to in awhile.  
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    PJNB said:
    kruesch said:
    its definitely interesting to see all the love for night 2.  i feel like i'm missing something.  I have seen a lot of posts about the crowd/ energy on night 2, but i didn;t see that.  seemed slightly less than night 1, but still good.   i guess that what makes this band so great though.   different strokes for different folks.   for me, night 1 with sometimes/ release, patriot, present tense, tremor, and even black, corduroy,and daughter (versus betterman and jeremy as the popular tunes).  Only negative on night 1 was the fat guy next to me that yelled every lyric, and told ed to "shut up and sing" when he talked about global warming (while clearly missing the irony of yelling out the lyrics "Styrofoam garbage for the ozone layer"). The sound was way off on night 2, but i'm wondering if that is just due to where you sit?   I never thought i'd go two nights without footsteps, and could've traded the random covers for ones like comfortably numb, but all in all, i'm grateful for the experience, and clearly just nitpicking :-)

    You haven't heard the crowd was much more "alive" N2?

     PJ always puts on a tremendous show, but the unfortunate downside of changing setlists is fans seem to have the need to say certain shows are epic, and typically those are the shows with more covers. Doesn't make any sense, to me at least.

    Obviously not from N2... the setlist N1 was on an entirely different level. Damn those fans were snoozing.

    It seems Many in the community think more covers are better, which is may be the strangest thing I can recall from any band's fanbase
    Arma Aloft, Taillights Fade, and Dirty Water probably was the quietest the crowd were all night imo. The number of covers have nothing to do with energy from the crowd. Look at Fenway night 1 and night 2 in 2016 for example. 

    I like covers but 9 is way too many.

    Rating shows better N1 vs N2 is uniquely PJ fan thing, over the years I haven't noticed that as much with other fan bases. 

    Fans will also say it's not about the setlist, it's about the energy.  But I'm not sure the shows would be rated as much against each other if PJ didn't mix up their sets so much. To me any show with Release > any show w Jeremy ;-)

    As far as crowd energy, Ed had trouble drowning out the Fenway crowd during Release. I can't imagine Jeremy being as exciting.
  • Dirty water the crowd was dead silence on my row
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  • Dirty water the crowd was dead silence on my row
  • Dirty water the crowd was dead silence on my row
    Kind of late to the party, but I still can't believe that one. Every time I hear it start on the boot I just shake my head.

    I loved the experience of Boston and getting to go. They played four of my absolute favorites or wanted to see live in Red Mosquito, Smile, I am Mine and Thumbing My Way (three of which I had never seen live). Yet, there was still just something missing with this one when I look back. I don't know if it was energy or what. Seattle 1 has grown on me and this one seems to go the other way. Don't get me wrong, I still really enjoyed the show. It's over thinking it or taking Pearl Jam sets and the like for granted, which seems to happen here.

    But I loved being there and the experience I had with the whole trip. It was a last-second, not planned surprise for me to go. I actually loved being in Fenway because I never had been anywhere near it before. Maybe the missing element to put it over the top for me was Dirty Frank!
  • DL136722DL136722 Not sure...Posts: 570
    I deleted Dirty Water from my bootleg. When I listen to it, it's as if it never happened. Still hurts don't get me wrong but there's no sense of reliving that bullshit ever again! 
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    Oh Dude!
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    I kinda count that as df...more than most ever got. The band was ready but ev backed off.
  • FastrichieFastrichie Sandy Hook, CTPosts: 847
    Loujoe said:
    I kinda count that as df...more than most ever got. The band was ready but ev backed off.
    LOL! Yes definitley more than I've ever gotten! We all were high fiving when they started the riff....Then into dirty water. Was like someone stole candy from a kid!
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    They prob dont play it because it could encourage serial killing...everyone is so dang serious these days. Maybe if they changed the lyrics we'd get a shot at it.
  • LoujoeLoujoe Posts: 1,771
    Maybe about nyc hot dog carts?
  • LoujoeLoujoe Posts: 1,771
    Sing along to dirty frank...

    Caught a cool show
    GWAR at the limelight
    Stepped outside
    A little past midnight
    Caught a nice whiff
    Didnt really smell right
    Couldnt help myself
    Buzz got me
    Want a bite

    Dirty frank
    Dirty frankie

  • LoujoeLoujoe Posts: 1,771
    Above based on a true story...except I wasnt buzzed, the frank was good but I'm sure the dude gave me the wrong change...end of flashback
  • LoujoeLoujoe Posts: 1,771
    Not trying to derail the thread...was a sick show.

    PJ was great too but we all know that already.
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    I miss PJ shows, especially at the arena show level, the last set of shows was a fun time.

    OT, in a sad topic, I used the last set of PJ shows as the start of the recovery of my mom's passing.  The second Seattle show in 2018 was what I needed, it was therapeutic.  I miss and love my mom very much and her 63rd birthday would be coming up on April 1, 2019.
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    And just like that this will remain their last show for even longer 🙁
    severed hand thirteen

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