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    Seattle 2 is the standard -- truly epic show. But while my husband thought Seattle 1 was not-quite what he expected, I thought it was a lovely, purposeful show. Seattle 1 had a lot of heart, the setlist was very thoughtfully put together. It was a show about home, about heart, about family -- and about people who don't have homes (the whole reason for the Home Shows, after all). There was a big focus on children, and Ed's language was the cleanest I've heard in -- ever, LOL.

    "Funny" observation -- after all these years in the spotlight, Ed's still nervous when speaking from the heart. He likes to spin a good yarn and to rant about politics, but when it comes to stories that really move him personally -- well, just watch his hands. He was wringing his hands the whole time he was telling the story about the inspiration for "Even Flow."
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