Seattle beer nerds.

Any advice on where to spend my time predrinking before the show would be greatly appreciated. 

And I know it's a long shot, but I'm trying to track down some Aslan Brewing Co beers. A friend mailed me a batch 15 ipa a year ago, and my life has been incomplete ever since. 


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    The Triangle Pub is the most historic bar in the city, and is very close to the venue. It's also tiny, so get there early. This is for if you know how to enjoy great dive bars. But sorry, I don't drink beer - I don't remember what they had on tap, but am almost positive they at least had Flat Tire... Or was it Red Truck? Obviously since I'm not a beer drinker I have no real good advice re where to drink great beer, lol. I'm just a good bar appreciator, lol.
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    There are a bunch of places near the stadium. Henry's has a good selection of beers and pretty good food. Pyramid has an alehouse across the street with food and of course their beer. Elysian Brewing has a place right across from Centurylink with their beers and good food. The Lodge has a huge selection of beers on tap with an emphasis on Northwest beers.

    Asland is pretty well distributed around here. Batch 15 IPA is sold in my grocery store, so you should be able to find it pretty easily. 
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    This would be about a $15 Uber ride from the stadium, but The Beer Junction in West Seattle features 35 local breweries on tap. Plus about 1,500 different bottles for purchase.
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    From this list my top picks would be Stoup, Holy mountain, mollusk, and cloudburst.
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    Fremont Brewing is one of my favorites

    Will also be stopping at Ghostfish Brewing, Fremont Brewing, Two Bridges Brewing, Seapine Brewing, and Triple R Brewing.  If you can't find something to like, Growler Guys has a lot of beers from the area.
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    Fremont is a must. GREAT brewery. Not sure if this years B-bomb or anything like that will be available but either way their stuff is great. 

    Browers is a really awesome Bar with tons and tons of Belgian beer options. Also highly recommended. Enjoy the shows!
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    Ballard is the mecca for breweries within walking distance.  10-12 within a 1.5 mile radius.  Bottleworks in Wallingford has great tap selection and close to the Beer Junction in bottles.  If you like stouts, try Fremont's Last Nail.  


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     where did you wind up going?
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    I drank some great beer in Seattle.
    We went to No Anchor, Teku, Pine Box, and The Masonry and had some great beer on tap.
    Also stopped by Cloudburst and Holy Mountain breweries. Witchfinder and  Kneel & Repent by Holy Mountain are beers i'll drool remembering for a long time
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    Cool, how was Pine Box? Thinking about going there for Halloween.
    Did it have a laid back vibe for small parties? Or seem more upbeat, loud, standing room only type bar?
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