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Sarah Hucksterabee Sanders



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    mickeyrat said:
    Imagine working for the slime ball that is Team Trump Treason? Now, imagine voting for him? Sheesh, Sarah, no self respect? Seriously, oh never mind. MAGAA.
    what about this says that she has no self respect. she obviously thought it was a joke, and thought it was funny. 

    for clarity: i think she is an evil woman, and deserves to be tossed into the wastebin of history, but this? moving along....
    Your daughter comes home from work and tells you that her boss "jokingly" said to her "take one for the team" to close that sales deal and its okay, her husband will miss her. And when she goes to her boss to explain the wink from the other company's CEO, he rubs it in and when your daughter asks him to stop, he rubs it in some more and continues to make light of the situation. This is why shit doesn't change. If she had self respect, she would have resigned, even if she thought it was a joke and funny. Coming from the pussy grabber in chief and all.
    i'm not saying it's not sexist, or gross, and of course i knew you'd invoke my daughter into this. but if sanders isn't bothered by it, then neither should you be. it's up to her whether this is something to be bothered by, not you or anyone else. 

    but workplace sexual harassment can include 3rd party observors being offended and therefore harrassed.
    you're right. i honestly forgot about that. but judging from the article, John Kelly was less than offended. 
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