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    I was in 101, row N (10c tickets) and there were plenty of people around us standing and seeming into it for the majority of the show. I did notice off to the left there were a lot of people sat down at that end of the block, though. 

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    Dream come true!! Who’s lucky hands are These!!!!
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    I was in the first section of seats on Mike's side (101) and the crowd was dead. The floor looked OK but people around me were seated most of the time. Especially noticed it during Satan's Bed, when it seemed like EV was trying to wake up the entire place. 

    Wild, wild show from the band though. Lived up to my expectations as the last show, make-up show and worth the long trip. 
    Were they 10c tickets? We were in the equivalent section on the other side (112, 10c tickets) and the crowd was great!

    Mine wasn't nor the people around me, but some bought them the day of, so I think they were canceled 10C tix. I bought mine about two weeks ago. 

    Your perspective definitely depends on the 20 people around you. It just seemed dead quiet and still during some of the deeper cuts. 

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    We were also in section 112, row M and most of y'all were LAME.  There was a middle-aged guy behind us absolutely going wild all show which gave everyone a good giggle, and my friend and I were loving life all night but all around us people were either sat on their phones or stood dead still doing nothing... no dancing or singing.

    It's a good job the show was spectacular!
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    Dream come true!! Who’s lucky hands are These!!!!
    That is Tobias @WhyNotSweden
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    sounds like a great gig
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    Dream come true!! Who’s lucky hands are These!!!!
    That is Tobias @WhyNotSweden
    Can't deny that :-)

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    one of the best performance and setlist
    but met some d*ickhead in the pit
    a guy was using a professional camera and use me as a human tripod
    Seriously?! Who the fuck does that?
    that guy has the complete set with the camera bag
    are the security on drugs letting that big camera in?? crazy

    so stupid.  small cameras please.
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    Excited for the new setlists!  :rock_on:
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