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The coming 2nd American Civil War



  • HughFreakingDillonHughFreakingDillon HeadstoniaPosts: 26,750
    brianlux said:
    yeah, there isn't a big enough cause on the trump side for enough people to rise up and actually risk their own safety and lives for that. they'll go back to their trailers and bitch with like-minded individuals over cases of colt cult 45. 

    "cult 45", LOL. 
    The best outcome would be for Biden to win, for Dems to step up to the place and do some of the things they say they are going to do, and maybe, just maybe, some of these Trumpers will see that life is actually getting better without their oafish super hero screwing things up any more.  I hope that happens!   And then we could do away with this senseless talk about Civil War and nonsense.
    his cult will never see that life is getting better, because, for a lot of them, it won't. they work in dying industries that they refuse to admit are dying, or need to die. they rely on republicans to keep the status quo for industry while the planet dies. progress is their enemy, why they call many of us "progressives" with derision. 

    and the other half are the rich billionaires who don't always get that big payout/tax cut from democrats. sometimes they do, but it has never been so blatant as it was this past 4 years (to my knowledge). 
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  • vaggar99vaggar99 San Diego USAPosts: 3,421
    I should have bought stock in civil war years ago.
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