Selling 2 GA Standing tickets for Padova, Italy Jun 24th show

I thought I was going to be able to make it down to Italy for this show and got a pair of ticket from the 10c draw, but can't make it anymore.
Selling for the face value of course, $240.00 for both.



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    Pm sent
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    still avail?

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    If 10c how will you sell? If you are not attending?
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    If 10c how will you sell? If you are not attending?
    Padova is running under the old rules which involves picking up physical tickets at will call.  However, the OP states that they cannot make it down, so it is impossible for them to sell off these tickets. The 10c member who purchased the tickets must be the one to pick up physical tickets from will call with ID (they do check) so I agree, it is impossible for them to sell these tickets if they do not plan to physically be there to pick up and pass on.  
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