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Turntable Advice

Looking to purchase a turntable to play some vinyl I recently got. I don't know a lot about it and what is involved or needs to be considered. I don't want to spend a fortune but I definitely want to get the most out of it and have decent quality that will last and sound great. Who knows, it might become a new hobby so I want to be able to grow with it too. Can anyone recommend a mid-range unit that I would get the most bang for my buck? What options should I be considering? I'm looking at units online and see things like "preamp" and "belt drive vs direct drive" and I am completely lost. Would like to hook it up to a Bluetooth speaker I already have but if that's not the best way, l'm open to any opinions the group may have. 
Thanks in advance for any help and advice! :)   


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    Shop craigslist and eBay for vintage turntables, you can find great deals on vintage hi-fi turntables that will likely sound better than most entry level new turntables.  You could find a vintage receiver as well, anything with a phono input should eliminate your need for a pre-amp.

    I haven't researched Bluetooth turntables in much detail, but I would guess there is a loss in sound quality, kind of defeats the purpose of vinyl.  Good luck, it is an awesome hobby!
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    You do not need a direct drive if you are just listening to records.  A pre amp is only needed if your stereo does not have a phono imput.  You can get one for under $20 from amazon if you need it.  As BB162610 mentioned, look on CL or pawn shop for the set up.  

    If you are looking for a plug and play, something like this  might be the easiest.  You dont have to worry about a pre amp or having the right type of receiver.  It also has BT built in.  I have never used this, but I know people that have this brand and are happy with it. 

    One thing to look for is that you can replace the cartridge or stylus.  
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    What you currently have and would pair your turntable up with as far as audio equipment would be helpful to list.  Record players have a lot of variables, and what you buy needs to be compatible with what you already have
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