2018 Winner/Loser Thread



  • Sharon_Hearts_PJSharon_Hearts_PJ Bristol, PAPosts: 1,363
    Banjo said:
    KMG365 said:
    I finally broke my PJ tickets cherry! First lottery, first win. Wrigley N1-GA and N2-Reserved. I’m a newer member so I heard my seats will suck but I don’t care. Just happy to go. I’m so freakin’ excited!!! :triumph:
    If your seats suck it will be because a damn computer coupled with karma hates you. From the Pre-sale Drawing Page,"Ten Club staff does not select the winning names. Names are drawn through computerized random selection software to ensure fairness."
    Winners are random. Seating is seniority. 
    People seem to be having a lot of trouble with this concept.
    Which is crazy, since this part of the whole thing has been in place for several rounds of it already....
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  • Sharon_Hearts_PJSharon_Hearts_PJ Bristol, PAPosts: 1,363
    Got boston 1 as my only choice- entered my cc # incorrectly and was notified-easy fix now good to go!
    I had such paranoia about that being an issue for me, so I'm relieved to hear that if it had been, I would have at least had the chance to fix it.
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  • Corey GCorey G Tacompton, WAPosts: 37
    1st pick-Seattle 2 GA
    2nd pick-Seattle 2 RS

    Won Seattle 2 GA 

    Only tried for one show and got what I wanted which is awesome! Super stoked! I’d love to road trip to Montana with my buddies but wasn’t able to take the time off. Congrats to everyone that got their shit and sorry to everyone who didn’t. You still have a shot! 
  • BanjoBanjo Posts: 238
    Based on how many actually did get GA for Seattle, anyone have any theories on the total # of spots they'll have filled on the floor? I am too old and feeble to fight through GA anymore, so we went with reserved, but now I'm worried we'll be waaaayyyy far back in the field based on how many Pit spots seemed to be available!  :s:s
    Someone posted a Seattle seating chart in another thread. I think it was the "announcing the home shows" one. I couldn't give you a number, but GA looks really big for those shows. 
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  • riley540riley540 Bellingham WAPosts: 1,007
    From the looks of ticket master, the GA section is about half of the field, maybe ever bigger 
  • Is a GA pit that big a good thing or not? More people crammed in and harder to see the stage if not towards the front?
  • 1ThoughtKnown1ThoughtKnown Calgary ABPosts: 2,411
    Anyone have a picture of the GA pit? 
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  • Corey GCorey G Tacompton, WAPosts: 37
    Here’s the seating for Seattle...

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