2018 Winner/Loser Thread



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    Just found out my results:
    W flag for my 1st choice: Wrigley N1 GA  =)
    L flag for my 2nd choice: Wrigley N1 Reserved
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  • TH113769TH113769 Posts: 328
    1)  Chicago N2 GA - won
    2)  Chicago N1 Res - won
    3)  Boston N1 - lost
    4) Missoula GA - won
    5)  Boston N2-won
    6) Chicago N2 GA - N/A
    7) Missoula Res - N/A

    Got drawn for 5 shows in Europe and secured tickets for the rest of the Europe dates (other than Pinkpop which isn't on sale yet).  Would love to do Seattle but going to be tough to make work.  Like a few other people have said, life can be very short - live it to its maximum if you can!!
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  • tschavtschav Posts: 1,824
    1 - W - Wrigley 1 GA
    2 - W - Wrigley 2 GA
    3 - L - Seattle 2 GA
    4 - L - Wrigley 1 Reserved (due to GA win)
    5 - W - Seattle 2 Reserved
    6 - L - Wrigley 2 Reserved (due to GA win)
  • WW GirlWW Girl Fort Mill, SCPosts: 16
    Just got Seattle 2 GA!!!!!  The only show I entered for although I would love to go to both!!!  First time ever my husband and I visiting Seattle AND to see our favorite band of all time!!!  Cannot wait thank you Ten Club!!!!!!!!!!!
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  • SaravaSarava Naperville, ILPosts: 1,693
    thank you 10 club! 
  • 22Phoennix22Phoennix Posts: 31
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    Seattle 2 GA!!! After 10 shows I am finally in GA!

    Plus Prague and Krakow (still looking for those tickets).
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    Smile for Mom
    2018 - Prague, Krakow, Seattle 2
  • 1st Sea n1 GA WON
    2nd Sea n2 res WON
    3rd Sea n1 res lost
    4th Missoula Ga WON
    5th Bos n1 RES lost
    6th Bos n2 res WON 
    7th Missoula res lost

    Not bad. Only looking to TM for night 1 in Boston!

  • MozzyMozzy Posts: 153
    1st ChoiceAugust 08, 2018Seattle, WA - GA Standing-Won
    2nd ChoiceAugust 18, 2018Chicago, IL - GA Standing-Lost
    3rd ChoiceSeptember 02, 2018Boston, MA - Reserved Seating-Lost
    4th ChoiceAugust 18, 2018Chicago, IL - Reserved Seating-Lost

    Bummed that I already booked flights. Ugh

  • risrisrisris Posts: 40
    1st time going through the lottery.

    1st: Seattle 1 Won
    2nd: Seattle 2 Won
    3rd: Boston 2 Won

    Kept it pretty safe and looked for high probability shows.  Only nerves were for Seattle 2.

    First Seattle shows.  Looking forward to it.
  • 1st - Chicago GA 1
    2nd - Chicago GA 2
    3rd - Chicago reserved 1
    4th - Chicago reserved 2
    5th- Boston reserved 1
    6th - Boston reserved 2

    Got 4 and 6. Am pretty sad. I would have loved to see them from the pit.
  • My wife also scored Seattle 2 GA which means we get to take two of our kids (16 and 13) to their first PJ show.
  • dmbowers98dmbowers98 Pennsylvania, USAPosts: 24
    TH113769 said:
    cutz said:
    Saltzy23 said:
    Saltzy23 said:

    1-GA Chicago1- Won

    2-GA Chicago2-Lost

    3-Seats Chicago1-"Lost"

    4-Seats Chicago2-Won



    7-GA Missoula-Won


    Overall I am thrilled.  Just need to pick up a single for Boston1 and shed my extra GA for Missoula and I'm all set.

    July/August can't get here fast enough...

    (Also going to Madrid and Lisbon)

    Shit!!!! Saltzy going on tour this year

    I'm 41,single, and make more money than I ever thought I would.  Seeing this band play live is basically the only thing on this planet that gets me going anymore.  I've decided I'm just gonna follow them around the planet until they drop dead, or I do.

    Still kicking around the idea of South America too. 

    Because fuck it.  Life is short.

    KOOL deal, man. I don't blame you.

    Life is short is right, and that's why i'm going to Europe this Summer. 

    That would be incredible, but I thought that there were measures in place to keep people from giving tickets away now with it all being digital. How would something like that work?
  • ZeldaZonkZeldaZonk SeattlePosts: 591
    Mozzy said:
    1st ChoiceAugust 08, 2018Seattle, WA - GA Standing-Won
    2nd ChoiceAugust 18, 2018Chicago, IL - GA Standing-Lost
    3rd ChoiceSeptember 02, 2018Boston, MA - Reserved Seating-Lost
    4th ChoiceAugust 18, 2018Chicago, IL - Reserved Seating-Lost

    Bummed that I already booked flights. Ugh

    Ouch! Hopefully you'll have some luck with TM since you already have flights booked.
    Forever feeling the sting of Raleigh 2016
  • YefaYefa Posts: 1,057
    1st - Seattle 2 Reserved - Won
    2nd - Boston 2 Reserved - Won
    3rd - Seattle 1 Reserved - Won
    4th - Missoula Reserved - Won
    5th - Chicago 2 Reserved - Won
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  • WildFlyWildFly Posts: 172
    Total Loss
    1st.- N1 GA Wrigley
    2nt.- N2 GA 
    3rd- N1 Res.
    If anyone has any plus 1's that you are not using for Wrigley night 1 I am your guy.  Need 2
    Not feeling to good at the moment!!
  • 1ThoughtKnown1ThoughtKnown Calgary ABPosts: 1,928
    1st Choice -  Seattle2 GA - won
    2nd Choice - Missoula GA - won

    perfect.  It's going to be a fantastic summer, got Prague and Kraków too :) 
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  • Berlin2000Berlin2000 ChicagoPosts: 32
    1st: Wrigley 2 GA - Won
    2nd: Wrigley 2 Res - Lost
    3rd: Wrigley 1 GA - Lost
    4th: Wrigley 1 Res - Lost

    Would have loved to be there for both shows, but stoked that I got GA! Will try public sale for Wrigley 1 (missed the fan-presale by a day ...)

    Put in Sunday evening, got my email at 8:45pm Central.
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    Moline, IL (October 17, 2014)
    Milwaukee, WI (October 20, 2014)
    Chicago 1 (August 20, 2016)
    Chicago 2 (August 22, 2016)
    Chicago Night 1 (August 18, 2018)
    Chicago Night 2 (August 20, 2018)
  • This Kiwi is given to fly....
    Seattle 1 GA WON
    Seattle 2 GA LOST
    Seattle 2 Res WON
    Seattle 1 Res -
    So pumped to be locked in to both Seattle shows and my first outside NZ/OZ!! What a way to bring up a dozen shows!
  • OceansJennyOceansJenny Manhattan, NYPosts: 1,659
    1st: Boston 1 - Win!
    2nd: Boston 2 - Win!

    Thank you 10c!!! :joy:
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  • given2fly23given2fly23 Evanston, ILPosts: 5,231
    jedubf said:
    Chi N1GA - won
    Chi N2GA - won
    Chi N1R-didn’t get to
    Chi N2R-didn’t get to

    feeling lucky and excited
    Super-lucky to win N2GA in #2 spot and N1GA at all. 
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  • I got my email at 3.25am GMT. Over the moon to have got Seattle GA night 2! 24 years of this great band, never in my wildest dreams could i have imagined to be travelling to Seattle! If I could tell me 16year old self that when I was 40 I'd be seeing 5 shows in Europe, and then Seattle?! Nope, mind has been blown!!! 
  • chaspjchaspj PortlandiaPosts: 10
    1st: SEA1 GA - Winner!  =)
    2nd: SEA2 Res - Winner! =)

    So ridiculously stoked!  Long wait for results today made it even more exciting.  Thank you 10c!
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  • Me x 2 Seattle Shows!! 'T'will be good to be back Home. THANKS, 10C. 
  • Seattle 1 GA
    Seattle 2 Res
    Missoula Res

    So stoked!  Just returned from Dan Auerbach and Robert Finley at the Showbox.  Love me some Seattle!
  • Seattle N2 Res - won
    Seattle N1 Res - won

    We're flying in from Ottawa and plan on doing as much touristy stuff as we can. As much as I'd love to be in the pit, I don't want to devote the better part of one of my days to being in line or get a decent spot. I'm 5'4, so being at the back wasn't really an option haha.

    Stoked to be in the building! You killed it this time 10 C!
  • Just found out!

    1st priority: Boston 1 WON
    2nd priority: Boston 2 WON

    I'm hitting both London shows and Boston shows. 

    Same! I promise I'm not stalking you thoug @TamaDrummer91 ;)
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  • TamaDrummer91TamaDrummer91 VAPosts: 1,243
    dingers said:
    Just found out!

    1st priority: Boston 1 WON
    2nd priority: Boston 2 WON

    I'm hitting both London shows and Boston shows. 

    Same! I promise I'm not stalking you thoug @TamaDrummer91 ;)
    Lol. I got my hopes up! 

    Congrats man, it’s going to fun hitting these gigs. 
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  • Lerxst1992Lerxst1992 Posts: 3,104
    I was 1 for 1 but don't understand why those that lose their round 1 pick don't get any priority ranking for round 2. Seeing a few fans get shut out of multiple shows, yet others going 2 for 2 doesn't seem right,especially if those shut out #2 pick was for reserved.
  • BumixBumix Cork, IrelandPosts: 12
    1st choice - Seattle N1 GA - WON 
    2nd choice - Seattle N2 GA - lost 
    3rd choice - Seattle N2 reserved - WON 
    4th choice - Seattle N1 reserved - n/a 

    I'm sooo happy I was inspired enough to put Seattle 2 reserved as my 3rd choice , was tempted to put it as my 4th and I think i would have lost it then. 

    Still got both Seattle so I'm happy, also maybe reserved seating would not be that bad after jumping in the GA for the first one. 
  • JP218404JP218404 NJPosts: 1,078
    Congrats to all. Seems like most everyone got something and are happy 

    thank you to 10C for securing so many tickets in advance to take care of fans!  

    Maybe the complaining about the cost of the tickets will stop that most of us don’t have to deal with the scam that is Ticketmaster. if the cost is a little more for the them hold back more tickets for us it’s worth it!

    see ya in Chicago and Boston! 
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