Are you telling me that I will not be able to get a PRINTED version of the ticket no matter what?!?!



  • MP59559 said:
    Isn't the club making arrangements for those that don't have smart phones? That would probably be a paper ticket, right? I think you'd have to contact the Ten Club - just make sure you don't send the e-mail from your iPhone. :wink:
  • For the people this matters to, I've created a few different ticket templates for friend/family who wanted something other than the paper ticket they received. If you MS Publisher, get creative, it's actually pretty simple.
    Milwaukee 7/9/95, Minneapolis 6/30/98, Chicago 10/09/00, Seattle - 12/6,8,9/02, Seattle 3/18/05, The Gorge 9/1/05, Vancouver BC 9/2/05, The Gorge 7/22/06, Seattle Key Arena 9/21-22/09, Portland 9/26/09, Boston 5/17/10, MSG - 5/20-21/10 - (EV) Portland 7/14/11, (EV) Seattle Benaroya Hall 7/15-16/11, PJ20 9/3-4/11, Vancouver BC 9/25/11, Missoula 9/30/12, Chicago 7/19/13, Portland 11/29/13, Spokane 11/30/13, Vancouver 12/4/13, Seattle 12/6/13
  • Boom!  Thank you if we can just work on having hard tickets instead of digital ones for the show so I don't have to produce my phone 30 times and make sure its charged.... ;)
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