Old-School PJ gear to sell!

Hey, gang. I have some cool PJ gear I would like to find a good home for, and would rather sell to PJ family for a fair and reasonable price. Items include: (and there may be more)

First edition/pressing poster book

Ten (original vinyl pressing)

Vs (original vinyl pressing)

Cassettes, notebooks, and miscellaneous paraphernalia included in the Ten and Vs box sets.

If interested: 

[email protected] 




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    You have to post prices or thread will be closed
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    excited the price is right GIF
  • Is the poster book the Ames issued one from a few years ago?

    Need to post prices.
  • cropdustdaircropdustdair Lakewood, CO / Earth Posts: 2,006
    Email sent!
  • Hey, folks. Here are details on prices and items. All prices include shipping.

    Ten box set demos cassette (played once): $13
    Ten box set replica notebook (brand new): $13
    Ten box set envelope of paraphernalia (brand new): $13
    Or all three for $35.

    Prices include shipping.

    Ten Club member since 1993 - just trying to free up some space. Thanks.

    [email protected] 
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    Email sent
    all and all it's no ones fault
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