Official: 2018 Europe Tour Ticket ISO/For Sale Thread



  • RiffJamRiffJam Posts: 138
    I have one spare ticket for each of London 1 (GA standing) and London 2 (10C standing). PM if interested
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  • sloveniaslovenia Posts: 82
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    one spare ticket for Prague. GA. face value. SOLD
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  • I have one 10C standing GA for London night one. Gimme a shout if interested.

    (On the off chance - I wouldn't mind swapping my own standing ticket for that night with a seated)
  • Still got one spare 10c GA standing ticket available for London night 2 19th June. PM me if interested, cheers 
  • BJ103154BJ103154 Posts: 13

    Disaster! Due to a family bereavement I can no longer make it to Berlin July 5th. I have promised a spare 10C GA wrist band ticket to a ticket buddy who is coming from Canada. Somebody PLEEEEASSSE help him. I will buy you beer somewhere else on the tour, but please help a jammer keep a promise. Fingers crossed.

  • EnjoyBeingEnjoyBeing Posts: 94
    For Trade:

    - my London 1 GA pair for your 100-level pair of seats

    - my London 2 10c GA pair for your 100-level pair of seats. 

    pm if interested. 

  • pjg67pjg67 Posts: 29
    1 London N2 GA available FV
  • MN181882MN181882 Posts: 2
    ISO 1 10C for Berlin.
    Can anyone help me out?

  • JanetWeissJanetWeiss Posts: 231
    Hi, I have one LONDON 2 GA ticket. Face value
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    Berlin, Milan
    Boston I, Boston II
    (London I, London II, Milan, Padova, Roma, Werchter)
  • PearlJammerAUPearlJammerAU Melbourne, AustraliaPosts: 27
    Still looking for a seat at Barcelona, though will take a GA. 
    Seats are hard to find!

    How does stubhub rate in Europe? I’ve used them in the USA without issue. Cheers
    Flying out from Melbourne, Australia, for PJ Europe 2018!
  • I have one London Night 1 GA ticket for sale at face value. (Ten Club ticket so will collect on Monday).

    PM me if interested.

  • EnjoyBeingEnjoyBeing Posts: 94
    For Trade:

    - your London 1 100-level pair of seats


    - my London 2 100-level pair of seats. 

    pm if interested. 

  • cd21millercd21miller Posts: 296
    Educators in need!

    If anyone has 2 anywhere for London 1, our plans changed and we can now go to the 1st show. If anyone knows of two extras floating around - not picky...just want in the venue!
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  • Sandy66Sandy66 Queensland, Australia Posts: 197
    I have available 1 x 10Club GA ticket for London night 2, original buyer pulled out, message me if interested 
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  • Nothings ChangedNothings Changed Calgary, ABPosts: 34
    Have 1 10C Standing for Padova available.
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  • TheLostSoulTheLostSoul Posts: 765
    ISO London 2 Tenclub Reserved spare ticket.
    It’s for my roommate and longtime friend.  We saw Pearl Jam together in 1995.  He’s flying across the pond right now.  He will meet you outside the venue Tuesday night and buy you a pint or two.  Send PM here.  Thanks. 
    I miss you hippiemom.
  • Hi! I'm selling 1 reserved seating to Prague (not 10c). PM if interested. Thanks!
    Still available at face value or less... anyone? :)
  • PendulumPendulum Posts: 6
    Selling 1 10C standing ticket for Tuesday 19th in London
  • The_Fixer The_Fixer Posts: 254
    Anyone have an extra Ten Club ticket for Rome?
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  • DB657075DB657075 Posts: 5
    Have extra 10C GA ticket for London 1 for sale. Face. PM if interested.
  • savegringosavegringo Posts: 63
    Pendulum said:
    Selling 1 10C standing ticket for Tuesday 19th in London
  • Tyler_DurdenTyler_Durden Posts: 34
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    ISO 1 10C for Barcelona. 
    Has anyone an extra ticket? 

    Edit: found a ticket
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  • killroykillroy Posts: 736
    Have a spare ticket for London second night, face value.
    06/19 - One non-10C seating, Block 421. Row K, Seat 954 - 75 £ (GBP)

  • Mia11Mia11 Posts: 78
    Pendulum said:
    Selling 1 10C standing ticket for Tuesday 19th in London

    PM sent

  • SW88810SW88810 Manchester, EnglandPosts: 27
    Got two London 2 ten club GA tickets for sale face value happy to sell as singles need to meet collect as early as possible in the day
  • RemfryRemfry London, UKPosts: 11
    Looking to swap two (2x) London 1 Standing tickets for two (2x) London 1 seated tickets. PM me for details
  • Mia11Mia11 Posts: 78
    Looking for a pair of 10C reserved for London night 2. Taking my sis to her first PJ show and she’s under tall;)

    thanks in advance!
  • I've got 2 spare tickets for London 1, tomorrow night - they're block 422, Now G. Bought them for my brother in law and his wife but they can't go now :(

    They're not great seats but better than staying at home. 

    Face value or whatever you can afford. Can meet at the venue as I'm still going.

  • idratherbeidratherbe Posts: 366
    Have two 10C GA standing for London night 2 for sale. PM if interested!
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  • swervedriverswervedriver Sheffield, UKPosts: 154
    One Spare Krakow 10C GA available
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