Official: 2018 Europe Tour Ticket ISO/For Sale Thread



  • stankratzstankratz Posts: 183
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    I'm considering a last minute dash for Krakow and I'm currently doing the math here. Just out of interest guys, what is 'face value' for a Krakow 10c GA ticket? Thanks.
  • girl_on_a_ledgegirl_on_a_ledge Posts: 8
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    face value is 109 US-$. I have an extra for this show. Please pm me if you're interested. 
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  • girl_on_a_ledgegirl_on_a_ledge Posts: 8
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    Selling one GA ticket for the Krakow show. PM me if you're interested. 
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  • stankratzstankratz Posts: 183
    face value is 109 US-$. I have an extra for this show. Please pm me if you're interested. 
    Thank you :)
  • littleiilittleii Posts: 63
    I have an extra 10C Reserved for Krakow. I would expect my seats to be very good, sometimes great, never bad (300xxx).
    I also have private transportation to Auschwitz-Birkenau that morning arranged, should you want to accompany me (how's that for a high and low in the same day?!). PM me if interested. I also cross-posted a thread in the GTF section.

    if nothing is everything......
  • Peasant TentsPeasant Tents UKPosts: 678
    FS 2 GA (non 10C) Amsterdam 1 ... E tickets available to email right away. I managed to get myself couple seats... Old age and arthritic hips at 48..... Plus I'm only 5 foot 6!!
  • SW88810SW88810 Manchester, EnglandPosts: 27
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    For sale... face vale... 2 x ten club GA tickets for london 2

    buyer needs to be able to meet as early as I can get hold of tickets at the box office ( still waiting on email confirmation when that will be)

    edit - collection confirmed for around 1pm will queue to try and be one of the first to collect as I have to drive up to Manchester as soon as possible !!

    dm me if interested thanks
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  • hadrieliahadrielia Posts: 77
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    Searching for 1 10c GA ticket for Barcelona. If anyone has an spare at fv PM me please!
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  • Two tickets (hardcopy) Amsterdam night 2 for sale. Face value. Sec 203 row 8. PM me if interested.
    (Pukkelpop 25-08-95 Neil Young + PJ without EV)
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  • SonicDubSonicDub Posts: 25
    ISO 1 London 10c GA night 1. :)
  • Brisk.Brisk. Posts: 11,338
    Seriously are there 0 spare werchter tickets?!
  • pjg67pjg67 Posts: 37
    FT-FS ga ticket for London Night ONE.....face value or help with poster buddy!
  • graham1978graham1978 Posts: 51
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    Have 2 spare GA tickets for London night 1 (18th June). Me and the Mrs both got a pair in the draw.

    Update - 1 sold and 1 still available
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  • mackenzjammackenzjam LondonPosts: 5
    Hi, would love to take a ticket off your hands!!!!!!! Still available?????
  • killroykillroy Posts: 736
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    Have 2 spare tickets for London, face value.
    06/18 - One 10C GA ticket - SOLD
    06/19 - One non-10C seating, Block 421. Row K, Seat 954 - 75 £ (GBP)
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  • graham1978graham1978 Posts: 51
    Hi, would love to take a ticket off your hands!!!!!!! Still available?????
    Yes. Have messaged you back
  • IcemanDorvalIcemanDorval Posts: 419
    ISO one 10C Berlin ticket.  Thanks.
  • bowie74bowie74 Posts: 3
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    Hi, I'm unsure of the best way to go about this. I have a spare 10c GA standing ticket for London night 1 and I need a 10c GA standing ticket for London night 2. Ideally I'd like to do a straight swap, however, if we have to pick the tickets up from the Box Office on the day of the concert I'm liable to be potentially ripped off by someone not meeting up on the Tuesday night. If swapping isn't an option, I'd rather sell for face value and hopefully catch someone on here selling a London night 2 at face value. I'm definitely not selling to a tout outside the arena, so if I don't acquire a ticket for night 2 I'll probably give it to someone inside the arena with a seating ticket who would prefer to stand. 
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  • myanimalmyanimal Posts: 16
    ISO one 10c GA Berlin ticket, thanks!
  • morphinemorphine Posts: 31
    Have an extra 10C GA for Rome.
    Feel free to PM me. 
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  • JAlbanoJAlbano Los Angeles, CAPosts: 24
    Hello! If anyone has 2 reserved seats for London Night 2 (6/19) and are looking to get a little closer and in on the floor action I would love to trade you for my 2 GA tickets! I'm coming from LA to London for my 40th birthday and got GA for both nights and while I love getting front and center for most shows...these old bones will definitely need a rest by night 2  
    So please help make my 40th bday party even more fun (and comfortable) and let's trade!
  • juergenkjuergenk Posts: 1
    I have one spare 10C GA for Padova on 6/24/2018 to sell on face value. Meeting point after collecting the tickets in Padova.
    If interested, PM me. Thanks
  • dandyrockdolldandyrockdoll GenevaPosts: 3
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    Looking for a Lisbon ticket please!!!

    I have a spare Ten club GA London 2 !!!

    Thank youuu!!
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  • FeiracoFeiraco AmsterdamPosts: 253
    1x Ten Club (= early access) general attendance (=standing ticket) for Amsterdam II (13 June) face-value. We will meet at the Ten Club box office.
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  • frenchbigwavefrenchbigwave Posts: 5
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    Hi there,
    For sale: 1 pit, 2 "posto unico" tickets (standing ticket) for Milano festival.
    Can be possibly handed over at O2 Arena before/after London night 2. Face value (payment in €).

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  • garnettgarnett Posts: 2
    Hi !
    I'm looking for one ticket to Berlin, you can send me a MP !
  • odgeukodgeuk Posts: 14
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    Two 10club GA tickets available. One for London 1 and another for London 2 (I have two pairs and am going both nights on my own). Buyer will have to meet me at the nominated pickup point (still to be confirmed by ticket office) to collect ticket and wristband.

    Face Value, naturally.

    Ideally, I'd sell both the tickets for London 2 and not go myself (would save me a hotel or a second train ticket) but I don't know of anyway to sell these tickets without being there in person to hand them over, and it's a 4hr round-trip train journey for me :(  (Unless you happen to look exactly like me on your drivers licence? :D )
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  • MB93672MB93672 Posts: 199
    One extra GA 10c for Amsterdam night 2 6/13. Face or merch purchase of lesser value. PM me. 
  • Miss.SnowdropMiss.Snowdrop ScotlandPosts: 189
    FS: London night 1, 10C GA Face Value, of course!
    Please be aware that I'll be volunteering at the Wishlist party, so no early queuing for me. I might arrive just in time when the doors open...
  • SV224716SV224716 Posts: 1
    FS: 1 ticket for 2nd night in Amsterdam (13/6), 10C GA 
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