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Lionhardt is a non-profit supporting Firefighters, Law Enforcement, the Military and their families fighting cancer and other illness.  The goal of Lionhardt is to help families in times of great stress and need raise money to win the fight they are in or to support their families if they cannot win.

Lionhardt was the idea of a Renton, WA, firefighter named Donovan Eckhardt, OUR BROTHER.  "Dono" fought cancer like a hero but lost his battle.  Before he left us he wanted to leave a legacy of helping others, like him, in the fight for their life.

"Dono" was a hero, a great father, husband and a fan of Rock and Roll and living life to the fullest. He did not live a "Life Wasted".

Please check out Lionhardt at https://www.lionhardt.org or @IamLionhardt.

If you are in Mission Viejo on 11-8-2017 check out the 1st Annual Lionhardt Golf Classic at the Arroyo Trabucco Golf Course.

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