ISO: GnR Vancouver 2017 poster

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Didn't even think about it on show night. Sweet print. Theyre my wife’s favourite guilty pleasure. Love to pick it up off a local peep. Vancouver to Seattle areas. 
I’ll pay mid-dollar prices!
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  • ZodZod Posts: 5,969
    I would keep an eye on ebay and buy the first one you see.   I think they only print 300 to 500 a night.   That's really really small.   The one I have from Seattle last year was a run of 300.    I bought mine on ebay a week or two after the show.   I kept wondering if I got a bad price, but after another couple of weeks they completely dried up and you couldn't find them anymore.

  • Horse2345Horse2345 Posts: 2,667
    There were 400
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