Concerts You Had Tickets To But Didn't Attend



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    Tibet 98.  Best festival lineup ever.  (PJ, radiohead, chili peppers, Beastie Boys, REM, beck, dave matthews, etc).

    My ride bailed last minute.  
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  • The Dead Weather.  Milwaukee 2010.
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    Temple of the Dog... both nights for Philly. I had an exam that a professor wouldn't work with me on for taking it early or late. Would have been quite the drive and I needed that day to travel. 

    Still pissed that I missed them.
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    Soul asylum/ Meat puppets. Had won free tix, but it rained and flooded real bad on our side of town. Couldn't make it to venue.
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    Tibet 98.  Best festival lineup ever.  (PJ, radiohead, chili peppers, Beastie Boys, REM, beck, dave matthews, etc).

    My ride bailed last minute.  

    I was there.  Great show...though the rain really screwed things up.  No Beck and shortened sets by PJ, RHCP etc.  This was Fruscientes first show back though.  PJ cut their set short so RHCP could play a few songs.  They used PJ's gear.

    I had tickets to see both Blind Melon and Nirvana in late 1993.  Had to miss both because I was a high school freshman and didn't have a ride.  bummer

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  • Beck- St. Louis 2000, Midnite Vultures tour

    Road trip freshman year of college.  Stopped in my hometown to pick more friends up and just got snowed in by a horrible blizzard, could not make it. Never did get a chance to see Beck live.  One friend that drove straight through by himself loved the show though and certainly rubbed it in to us.

    Black Crowes- Chicago Theatre 2010

    I won free tickets for this one, I think it was their acoustic and electric set tour.  Had a very very minor outpatient surgical procedure a couple days before that I didn't think would stop me from going.  Day of I just didn't feel well enough yet so couldn't go last minute.

    Concert gods sometimes even luck out- another near miss was the only time I saw The Rolling Stones in 2003 at Comiskey in Chicago.  Leaving from college again, I had let a buddy borrow my car to go back home.  Which was not good when our friend who was driving bailed last minute on the concert due to work, last second scramble to borrow a car successfully. That was one I would have been super bummed to miss!

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    DewieCox said:
    White Stripes Chicago 2007
    Jimmy Page and the Black Crowes
    ouch on the last one. 
    I like your songs. P.B., a lot!
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    brianlux said:
    DewieCox said:
    White Stripes Chicago 2007
    Jimmy Page and the Black Crowes
    ouch on the last one. 
    I like your songs. P.B., a lot!
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    Pearl Jam- July 4th,1995 New Orleans, LA- the food poison tour (later rescheduled for Sept 1995)

    Smashing Pumpkins 1996 Lafayette, LA- keyboardist died and show postponed

    Green Day 1996 Birmingham, AL- cancelled for some reason, probably due to low ticket sales

    Iggy Pop- 1997 Atlanta, GA- my aunt died and funeral was on the date of the show.

    The Promise Ring 1999 Atlanta, GA- decided it wasn't worth the drive to see a emo band

    Janes Addiction 2001 Charlotte, NC- was in the hospital with a bleeding ulcer (really wanted to see this show)

    Queens of the Stone Age w/Dave Grohl 2002 Atlanta, GA - got drunk hanging out with old friends in the ATL.  and got to the show just as it was ending. Probably the worst feeling that I have ever had. fuckers started early because it was Memorial Day and all ages show.

    Lollapalooza 2004- Atlanta, GA- whole tour called off for low ticket sales

    Jeff Mangum 2010- Ashbury Park, NJ- bought tix right when they went on sale for his first show back from wherever he had been hiding, but he later added dates closer to my home

    Ed Vedder 2012- Jacksonville, FL- postponed and then rescheduled a month before my daughter was born

    Pearl Jam 2016- Raleigh, NC- you all know this story well

    there are probably a few more that I am forgetting right now.

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