*** Eddie Vedder Taormina, Sicily 2 Fanviews Here 6/27/17 ***



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    ^^^Man, I shouldn't have looked at that.

    The only thing that would've made that night better would be if "Society" had been played.
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    Awesome story  B) B) B)
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    Those 2 days stolen from eternity
    It finally came out today. I think we just stole 2 days from eternity.

    LuisGomes10 - this was incredible.  I read your post several times.  What a wonderful experience.  Congrats to you and others fortunate to partake.  Salud - 
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    The two concerts in Taormina, Sicily were absolutely amazing as described by others above. When I viewed the venue that they would be playing I knew I had to go. It was to unique to pass up. How could it be anything less than amazing?. I managed to get 5 days of work covered at the last minute and off I went from Canada to Germany then finally landing in a small airport in Sicily.

    My mother passed away in March of this year after 3 years of struggling with terminal cancer. These concerts were great therapy for me after a few very rough months. I was hoping to hear Ed sing Long Road and sure enough as luck would have it; it was the opening song of night 1. With that emotional moment out of the way I was set to enjoy the rest of the show.The beauty of old world Sicily combined with adventure and music filled my heart. The intimacy of the setting was the best. It was a great atmosphere. I also left a fan of glen's and am looking forward to discovering more of his music. My favourite moments were Ed and Glen singing falling slowly and the shooting stars overhead. Overall a beautiful experience that I will never forget.

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    This should be a yearly thing!!!

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