PJ posters (custom cut matting help)

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I have bought alot of custom cut matting from framesbymail.com, but I was wondering if I could buy a peice of matting with 2 openings in it, one for the poster and one for a ticket stub or would I have to take it to michaels and get raped to have it done
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    probably the latter
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    Your best bet is to buy the matte and then take it to a local framer and have them cut the openings.... kinda sucks. Or, you might be able to call framesbymail and talk to someone about what you want, exactly. Might cost a few dollars more, but I bet they would accommodate.
  • i dont get how places have the nerve to charge what they do for matting... ive done alot of my own matting for my art work and i know for a fact something like what you want would take like 15 minutes tops to do...
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    if you plan on doing a lot - it may be better to just go buy a real nice mat cutter, and a big cutting mat if you like - then do it yourself, its not too hard just takes a little practice. Artist and Craftsman Supply or Blick has decent prices.
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    total custom job. Not hard to do for someone with a lot of practice, but a little bit of a pain in the ass.

    seriously when you get good at cutting it takes 15 minutes, for them to charge 100 plus dollars is a total rip off.

    if you do decide to buy a cutter be prepared to waste a lot of board early(this cost more than anything save the cutter) making kistakes and having bad corners. It does take time, but when good at it it is a piece of cake.
    Take a pass on hand cutters they are total shit and hard to keep straight. Go for one with a slide bar

    Best advice is to make sure your blades are sharp. Some places cut one mat then throw out the blades. Dull blades make jagged and fuzzy cuts.

    it would probably cost you as much to buy a cutter(100 bucks for a decent model) and just learn to do them on your own, than to keep shelling out the $$$$ for them to do it.

    good luck
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