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Today my account was set to auto-renew. I received an email from 10c saying my card was declined. Turns out last fall I got sent one of the new credit cards with the chip in it and it changed the 3 numbers on the back. Email from 10c stated they would try again in 48 hrs. I just logged in and was checking over things and it says my member # is 0. Please tell me that because of a minor glitch that I lost my number and have to start from scratch. Anyone have any experience with this in the past?
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    Just e-mail them and tell them about the number and what happened. You have a grace period. Keep in mind that the website just updated and there could be glitchy things there that they are working on. Pretty sure that they'll fix it for you.
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    I think you have a grace period of 30 days. Just call or email and explain the situation. Also,as the poster above me mentioned website has just been redone/ updated. I had a problem logging into my 10c account earlier. It's fine now, but it could be a glitch in the system as well as the site is being updated.
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  • shprideshpride Posts: 44
    I had the same thing happen. Changed my cc info and 48 hours later the charge went through fine.

    I didn't notice if my member number changed to 0
  • PoncierPoncier Posts: 9,667
    Well the good news is membership number 0 should get you the best seats at every show you go to.
    I'm sure they'll straighten it out.
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