*** Ride Festival Fanviews Here 7/9/16 ***



  • What an incredible sounding bootleg! Damn! The acoustic set sounds incredible - I think the large arena shows some of the instrument separation gets a bit washed.
  • chiwhitesoxchiwhitesox ChicagoPosts: 628
    Yep. This boot sounds flippity flip freakin awesome
    - Chicago G

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  • Anyone else going to Telluride this weekend to see Uncle Neil?
  • URthekeyURthekey Posts: 1,247
    I just bought the Masthay poster off e-bay to frame and send to my friend who accompanied me to Ride for her birthday. She let me crash at her place in Durango for the 10 days I was in CO and she can't stop talking about how much fun the show, and whole weekend was. I thought the poster + the boot would be a nice combo to keep those memories alive and thank her for being so gracious.
  • EB218946EB218946 New JerseyPosts: 2,510
    Dam loving this bootleg. Thin Air and Setting Forth were so good. God bless America and Pearljam. This band is so frickin good.
  • da boot is enroute. cant wait to spin it and take a trip back
  • helplessdancerhelplessdancer Posts: 4,493

    The Dirty Knobs July 9 2016 Telluride
  • PapPap Serres, GreecePosts: 20,318
    Ooh, yeah! All right!
    Were [Pearl] jammin
    I wanna [Pearl] jam it wid you.
    Were [Pearl] jammin, [Pearl] jammin
    And I hope you like [Pearl] jammin too.

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  • helplessdancerhelplessdancer Posts: 4,493
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    a nice video Pap that captures that gondola ride. for free it's one of the best deals in town. you don't get views like that every day for free!
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