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*** Ride Festival Fanviews Here 7/9/16 ***

SeaSea EarthPosts: 2,513
Pearl Jam
Ride Festival
Telluride, CO
July 09, 2016

Walk On Music: Pendulumorphosis 7:17
Band On Stage: 7:18
Band Off Stage: 9:51

01. Nothingman
02. Pendulum
(Ed greets the audience. Tells the crowd that they have time so they can ease into the show. He mentions Kurt Vonnegut noting that it doesn’t get better than this. He tells a story about touring in the old days and sharing hotel rooms and holds a sticker from a local radio station that acted as a sort of window to greener space than the bad hotels in the city they were staying in.)

03. Thin Air
04. Sleeping By Myself
05. Off He Goes

(Ed has something passed to a kid down front. He admits to making a mistake in “Off He Goes”. He talks about the difficulty of trying to sing and play and remember lyrics in the thin atmosphere. He talks about celebrating the manager Kelly Curtis’ birthday and tells a story about some marijuana that was stronger than he had anticipated.)

06. Just Breathe (Ed stops during the solo and asks for the lights to be turned down and seems to be having trouble hearing the other band guys)

("Some of you may know that this next song doesn’t get played much and some of you may not.” It was written by the guy who was our drummer. Dave Abruzzese, We wish him well.)

07. Angel (first time played since March 13, 1994 in Chicago)

(This is the first time Pearl Jam has played this song as a band. A local requested it and minutes before they came onstage the sister of Chris McCandless [Into The Wild] called Ed. Ed thinks the Chris would have found found Telluride eventually if he hadn’t passed away and he would have certainly loved it.)

08. Society-(Hannan) First Pearl Jam performance
09. Low Light

(Before we start the next section I would like to thank the locals for having us out here and thank the people who found this place so many years ago. Let’s make sure we clean up after our selves so they ask us back again. This is for the locals.)

10. Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town
11. Setting Forth
12. Corduroy
13. Why Go
14. Mind Your Manners
15. Even Flow

(Ed mentions that heard there was a Pearl Jam Karaoke contest in town a few days earlier. He wishes he had known figuring he could have at least come in third “on a good day”. He asks if the winners are in the audience. Two young women start to come on stage. He pleads not yet, he isn’t ready for them and is a little intimidated. He says “you thought you had to have balls to sing like this. Nope.”

16. Glorified G
17. Daughter/WMA (Brittany Hale and Caitlin Ketel, the Karaoke winners join Ed briefly for a chorus of Daughter.)

18. Sirens

(We have been thinking a lot about what has been going on lately so just because we are not talking about it doesn’t mean it isn’t on our minds….)

19. Unthought Known
20. Better Man/Save It For Later-(Charley, Cox, Morton, Steele, Wakeling)

Encore Break

(Ed chats up the audience and compliments the area and the audience. He thinks the next song will explain what it feels like to be here with just a few little tweaks.)

21. Santa Cruz (sung as Telluride)

(Ed thanks the bands that played before them. Especially Dirty Knobs which features Mike Campbell from Tom Petty & The Heart Breakers.)
22. I Won't Back Down-(Lynne, Petty) for Mike Campbell
23. Smile (dedicated to David who lost his pilot brother Mikey. Their family is at the show)

(this is for the same folks…)

24. Given To Fly

(Ed thanks the people who set up this festival and praises them. A women named Jennifer is the organizer of the festival and the band want to wish her Happy Birthday)

25. Comfortably Numb-(Gilmour, Waters)
26. Black
(Ed compares the night sky in Hawaii with Telluride because the number of stars you can see. He introduces Boom)
27. Crazy Mary-(Williams)
28. Alive
29. Yellow Ledbetter

Please share your experiences of the show here...the Fanview threads are preserved on the board.

Please keep the Fanview threads for Fanviews. It's ok to begin another thread on discussions of other topics and/or debates.

Thank you!

Thanks John for the set list & notes.


  • dimitrispearljamdimitrispearljam NINUNINOPROPosts: 137,648
    What a great vibe and angel and society!!
    thanks Sea!!
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  • SJD3232SJD3232 Posts: 2,182
    Wow. Wish I was there...thank you!!!
  • WildsWilds Posts: 4,320
    My dream is to see Angel.
  • CROJAM95CROJAM95 Posts: 6,979
    Jesus Christmas wtf pretty sweet on paper

    Must of been off the hook
  • tylermooretylermoore St. Joseph, MIPosts: 387
    Sounds like a really good show!!!!
  • EEEDEC04EEEDEC04 MidwestPosts: 61
    I can't wait for Wrigley #1 after seeing Angel and Society on the set list tonight.
  • gettingrightgettingright Posts: 537
    edited July 2016
    Holy shit! Simply amazing once again! I can't believe they played angel along with a lot of other deeper cuts. Great energy from the crowd and the most beautiful venue I've ever seen a show (that includes red rocks).

    Thank you for a wonderful night!
    "...what a different life had i not found this love with you..."
  • pljampljam Posts: 387
    ANGEL and SOCIETY hats off to the lucky ones
  • Best PJ show I've ever seen. 33
  • UmphreysJam34UmphreysJam34 Posts: 727
    edited July 2016
    You could tell the band loved being there. Eddie was grinning the whole night
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  • Colorado FanColorado Fan Posts: 436
    So indescribably good! The boys were on fire and clearly having a blast! Great set, awesome vibe in the crowd, beautiful venue! And...ANGEL! Can't wait for Wrigley!
  • SmallestOceansSmallestOceans Posts: 13,542
    Wow incredible setlist! Man those first 9 songs! Looks good on paper.
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  • WhatYouTaughtMeWhatYouTaughtMe I have no idea what's going on right now!Posts: 4,937
    edited July 2016
    No words to describe other than Mike Fucking McCready. I will never forget this night.
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  • red mosred mos Posts: 4,953
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  • UndrakanUndrakan Donostia - San SebastianPosts: 112
    Amazing!! Great setlist and great place for a festival. Would love to been there.
  • demetriosdemetrios canadaPosts: 71,216

  • mcgruff10mcgruff10 New JerseyPosts: 25,984
    awesome set!!!!
    I'll ride the wave where it takes me......
  • QuarterToTenQuarterToTen Cincinnati, OhioPosts: 3,607
    demetrios said:


    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

    Wow. Wow. Wow.

    Nice shirt.
  • Spiritual_ChaosSpiritual_Chaos Posts: 24,644
    Seems like a wonderful show (not even counting Angel etc)
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  • Spiritual_ChaosSpiritual_Chaos Posts: 24,644
    Show me society.......... .. .. ..
    "Mostly I think that people react sensitively because they know you’ve got a point"
  • nicknyr15nicknyr15 Posts: 5,220
  • -Buru--Buru- Santa Barbara, CA Posts: 1,287
    edited July 2016
    This show and the location were stunners. Shared it with a bunch of really cool people close to the rail.

    The slow intro was really special and I heard some personal favorites like Nothingman, Off He Goes, Pendulum and Low Light. Society was beautiful. When Angel happened I completely lost it!

    Other highlights for me were I Won't back down, Glorified G, the WMA tag, Eddie singing alive practically at arms reach, a beautiful Black (it looked like he might sing something with the tururu part but in the end he didn't) and Smile (always makes me smile).

    Eddie shared a few stories but mostly steered clear from politics and recent events. He acknowledged them generally but said that in a venue such as Telluride he wanted to focus on the good and hopefully this would plant some seeds.

    I run into some old friends and met some new ones and fell in love with Telluride and Colorado in general. I hope Pearl Jam decides to play there again. I would be there in a heartbeat.

    Post edited by -Buru- on
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  • DM282158DM282158 Beverly, MAPosts: 368
    What a setlist! Especially for a festival where the deep cuts are harder to come by. Can't wait for the bootleg
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  • chiwhitesoxchiwhitesox ChicagoPosts: 686
    Wow. Hats off to the lucky ones who witnessed that!

    Now if anyone has a link of Society, please post!
    - Chicago G

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  • This was a festival show??? Wow!
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  • MCStarrMCStarr Posts: 13
    What an amazing show, honestly can say have never seen or heard on boots a more brilliant performance from McCready, beginning to end...this was the Mike show and at times Eddie even seemed enthralled. Has to be the best Black ever, can't say enough. Great setlist and crowd, a truly transcendent performance of Comfortably Numb, GTF, G, Black, Mary and of course the relaxed opening. Amazing, amazing day and venue, have to wonder personally if any future show could top this, many will be longer and different setlists, but this all just felt right.

    For this moment, all was right in the back to the "Police shot my, brother again".

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  • chittychitty Posts: 524
    Society! I wasn't there in Telluride, but that's one song I pray they play at any show I am at. Didn't think they ever would. Next weekend, Pemberton, please play it again
  • PJForceofNaturePJForceofNature Posts: 3,087
    Can't wait for the bootleg-so many of my favorites were played! Sure wish I could have been there!
    "A beacon on dry land"
  • eeriepadaveeeriepadave West Chester, PAPosts: 36,140
    for a festival set list this is pretty damn good!
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  • i_lov_iti_lov_it Perth, Western AustraliaPosts: 4,007
    Looks like a Good setlist :)
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