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*** Philadelphia, PA Fanviews Here 4/29/16 ***



  • eeriepadaveeeriepadave West Chester, PAPosts: 35,085
    4 years since they played Philly and oh man what a show!
    8/28/98- Camden, NJ
    10/31/09- Philly
    5/21/10- NYC
    9/2/12- Philly, PA
    7/19/13- Wrigley
    10/19/13- Brooklyn, NY
    10/21/13- Philly, PA
    10/22/13- Philly, PA
    10/27/13- Baltimore, MD
    Tres Mts.- 3/23/11- Philly
    Eddie Vedder- 6/25/11- Philly
  • LoujoeLoujoe Posts: 2,870
    Wow. How did time go that fast. That was fantastic. I'm lucky I was there.
  • LoujoeLoujoe Posts: 2,870
    walked away with MC's drum head that night!!!!
  • E-G-A-GE-G-A-G Posts: 182
    kemics said:
    Show was fantastic, music was great the people were also awesome as always. Met some new people today waiting for GA, Tricia, JerseyMike, Chris, Rich and Marsha(sp?) thanks for an awesome show I hope to run into you all again.
    You found us on twitter =) 

    Was just rereading this because of the live stream. Actually, I don't think I ever read it before today.
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