*** Greenville, SC Fanviews Here 4/16/16 ***



  • Vs!! I still can't believe what just happened!?!
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    rgambs said:

    Wow! Just wow! Heck of a show!

    Ten club reserved seats put us in the first row of the floor seats all the way at the end on Mike's side. I was the bearded guy with the baby, he celebrated his first birthday tonight and we all had a wonderful time!

    What was your #?
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    Stone was in an especially playful/cheerful mood tonight. It was great!
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    I thought the crowd and sound in the building was fantastic. Had a blast with a 10c member. I know I'll be in the minority when I say this but the set list was meh for me. Good god please play some self titled riot act and bin
  • AM278794AM278794 denver, coPosts: 5
    Great show. crowd was great. PJ is the best band going.
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  • rgambsrgambs Posts: 13,199
    unikunka said:

    rgambs said:

    Wow! Just wow! Heck of a show!

    Ten club reserved seats put us in the first row of the floor seats all the way at the end on Mike's side. I was the bearded guy with the baby, he celebrated his first birthday tonight and we all had a wonderful time!

    What was your #?
    No idea lol
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  • PorchgirlCOPorchgirlCO ColoradoPosts: 1,344
    Wow, just wow!! Totally amazing! So grateful to have been there...great 10c seats and VS!!! Eddie sounded great, Mike was on fire and everyone in the band seemed so happy!! Will be hard to ever top this one...
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  • mcrokmcrok Posts: 627
    Simply amazing tonight. My god. I can't process right now, let alone walk properly. 6-7 people deep between stone and ed in GA...holy christ what a performance...can't elaborate right now...Ed was all over it tonight...didn't think I would get shocked like this, wow
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  • bootlegger10bootlegger10 Posts: 13,200
    Show number 95 for me and it will take a spot in my top ten. I was at Moline and Milwaukee but gotta say Vs all the way through kicks those other albums' asses as there is no song the crowd doesn't know. The energy during every song of the album was amazing. Helps that Vs. is my favorite.

    Crowd was great tonight and the band went into the crowd more often than normal.

    This show will stay in the memory bank.
  • bootlegger10bootlegger10 Posts: 13,200
    This tour could go down as one of the best. The setlists are more mixed up than normal.
  • foodboyfoodboy Posts: 981
    finally. need more shows like this. riot act for toronto or philly 1
  • mfc2006mfc2006 PDX--->KCPosts: 33,069
    Enjoy it, everyone. Great set!
  • pierj53pierj53 Posts: 301
    I thought the slower version of future days was amazing, much better than last time I heard it in buffalo 13
  • jp307677jp307677 BostonPosts: 415
    I always wonder how they're ever going to top some of the great shows they've played and they still pull it off time and time again. I wasn't there, but what a gem!
    I won't see them until Fenway and Wrigley, but how can they out do a special night like this? They just get better and better. Wow!
  • NSLNSL Nashville, TNPosts: 232
    This was just my 3rd PJ show, i'm a complete noob. With that said, that's a top 3 show all time for me. I sent a friend a text with the first 4 songs and the guy beside me said something about Daughter being played so early in the set. Hit me as soon as he said that. Sent a text back saying "OH SHIT!". I was in Sec 112 right beside the stage and the sound was not bad for being close to the corner. I could hear almost everything Eddie was saying.
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  • SB62034SB62034 Bluffton, SCPosts: 29
    Those of us there witnessed another special moment from these guys...I was in awe, and kinda forgot some of what happened in the first set after they finished Vs....from where I was at the top looking down on Stone and Boom's side the whole crowd sounded pretty loud and into it tonight(despite the higher up section being very mellow)...I don't know where I'd rank this show(out of ONLY 13)but very grateful to hear my favorite album in its entirety!!! Awesome. I'm still stunned!!!
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  • 100 Pacer100 Pacer Toronto, ONPosts: 6,660
    Very glad I trusted my instinct to attend Greenville. Have been up for 25 hours straight since my travel day began yesterday and still on a high from the show. Having been fortune to have now seen both No Code & VS. front-to-back I have to say there's definitely a nostalgia factor when the album is played in order as opposed to a random rotation of all the material. Your youth flashes before you I suppose. You remember exactly where you were in life as you played these albums front-to-back over & over again.

    Was fortunate to be in GA for the show and have to say, while it's always a terrific atmosphere and 99.9% fans are just good respectful people, I found GA to be far fuller than prior GA experiences at '14 shows. Just something to consider for those attending upcoming shows. Be prepared to have people up close and personal all around as you rock out.

    The band is just killing it. Stone is happy & enthusiastic from start to finish, even joking and laughing with people up front. Ed is just so loose and relaxed, just completely at peace with everything going on around him, people asking for tambos, people asking for attention, people asking for more...he just acknowledges them all. Matt is a work horse and that'll never change. Jeff seemed to be in awe of the entire experience last night. Mike appeared to be reaching another level in the ether.

    Thanks PJ for playing Greenville and for providing everyone there with a truly memorable experience.
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  • shetellsherselfshetellsherself New JerseyPosts: 8,636
    Unbelievable night. When daughter started I turned to my brother and said oh shit VS!!!! The energy from every band member was through the roof. I was on the rail right in front of Stone. He was clearly in his zone playing Vs front to back. He interacted with the crowd a ton. Dancing, smiles eye contact. He's usually less like that than the others but he was clearly having a blast last night. Ed's energy was electric all night. He was so intense! Mike ran the entire perimeter of the stage (front back sides...) 3 full laps during stbc. The lightning bolt songs all sounded great! I seriously am not a fan of the arrangement of FD on the album but this completely reworked version was really amazing. This is how it should have been. So many hard rockers and so much intensity I'm just shot today. And.....

    Eddie handed me his empty wine bottle. I dont drink and haven't for many years. To be handed the empty bottle personally by Ed is something I won't ever forget.

    Thank you Pearl Jam. Please don't ever stop doing what you do. We will keep coming.
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    What a great day, and a truly epic show. So much fun hanging with new friends in the GA line. PJ fans are a special lot. So blessed to be up front for a next level show. Ed was all over, Stone was enjoying the setlist, pit crowd was cool, even security was chill. Got a little sip of vino... And my sis got the bottle. Crazy stuff. Thanks Ed, Stone, Mike, Jeff, Matt, and Boom!
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    "Somewhere in between / There and here / I got lost / I got scared..."
  • ikiTikiT USAPosts: 9,264
    VERSUS bitches. 5 against ONE. I love this band.
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  • JF241710JF241710 Posts: 81
    the girl's name was Rebecca...no idea how Ed got Magda...oh well...incredible show, I was on the rail right in front of Stone's mic...like someone said earlier, he was in a great mood, more interactive and expressive than I've ever seen...we realized what was going on when daughter started, everyone started going crazy at the beginning of each song.
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  • moses562moses562 Posts: 1,382
    Catwoman1 said:

    I turned to my husband after Corduroy and told him that the crowd's energy was incredible, and that the band was going to feed off it, so this was going to be a great concert. I didn't realize then just how great! Vs!!!! Unbelievable!!!! The guys seemed exceptionally happy, too. Just the perfect synergy tonight!

    I agree, the band seemed very happy!
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  • badu2fanbadu2fan Posts: 87
    Cobber said:

    Unbelievable show with awesome seats from 10c in the front row center right behind GA. Highlight for me was during Leash, Ed came right in front of me, grabbed my hand and stood on the rail while he sang. This will be a tough one to top!

    To me u had best seat in house. What you club #. Hoping I get those for Raleigh
  • Post concert bliss! Haha! Love reading about it.
  • marjenmarjen CTPosts: 664
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    Such an amazing show. So glad I got shut out of MSG or I would not have flown down here to witness that. VS is probably my favorite album and seeing it live in order was just awesome. Throw in breath, present tense, corduroy, dte and future days. Wow such an amazing night and tons of energy in the building.

    And funny thing is, they were probably the best seats I have had and ended up getting them from ticketmaster. 3 row next to stage on stones side. Band walked right be me coming on and off stage. Awesome.
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  • retroponyretropony Myrtle Beach SCPosts: 338
    Cobber said:

    Unbelievable show with awesome seats from 10c in the front row center right behind GA. Highlight for me was during Leash, Ed came right in front of me, grabbed my hand and stood on the rail while he sang. This will be a tough one to top!

    Pretty sure we were the couple right next to you! What an amazing night!
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  • EB218946EB218946 New JerseyPosts: 3,060
    Wow must have been an amzing night. Anytime Blood and Rats are played all is good in the world. :rock_on:
  • retroponyretropony Myrtle Beach SCPosts: 338
    The place was electric last night, what a vibe!
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  • moses562moses562 Posts: 1,382
    Thank you to all the people we met. My wife and I laughed and enjoyed the conversations. PJ fans are simply the best!! I was the bearded fellow with the Rolling Stones Dallas shirt.
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