Wooden Stickman (Alive Guy)

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  • JameydogJameydog Posts: 68
    Will someone let me know if you can see the pics?
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    And it look fantastic. Good work.
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    Thank you Longueuil for putting the pictures up and thank you for the compliment. Never really understood how to post pics on here but thankfully there are people like you out there who always help out.
  • That's bad-ass.
    Nice work
  • JameydogJameydog Posts: 68

    That's bad-ass.
    Nice work

    Thank You
  • kce8kce8 Posts: 1,595
    Hey that's cool!
  • morellomorello Auckland, New ZealandPosts: 6,194
    Very cool. Well done. :)
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    nicely done
    for poetry through the ceiling. ISBN: 1 4241 8840 7

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    Fantastic! :plus_one:
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    That is pretty awesome, well done!
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    That is immense, any plans on making anymore?
  • oysterjaroysterjar NHPosts: 1,235
    Thats awesome, would love to hang one on my wall.

    Wind this thing up.

  • InsideJob2dayInsideJob2day PittsburghPosts: 2
    Do you use spiral blades?
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