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How's Your Luck Been in the Used Bins Lately?



  • derbydavederbydave Columbus, OHPosts: 11,256
    DC29940 said:

    Hit it the jackpot at my local record shop today. Went in to kill some time and headed over to the Ps, as I always do, ‘cause you never know what PJ stuff you might find it’s way in. Totally shocked to find a stack of thirteen ‘00 boots all priced at $4.99. Ran home real quick to check on which ones I already had. Turns out I only owned three of the thirteen. So these ten beauties came home with me!
    NICE score and excellent price!!

    '96: Seattle: Key Arena
    '98: Seattle: Memorial Stadium 1 & 2
    '00: Columbus: Polaris
    '03: Columbus: Germain
    '10: Columbus: Nationwide Arena
    '11: East Troy: Alpine Valley - PJ20 1 & 2 + EV Detroit
    '12: Missoula + EV Jacksonville 1 & 2
    '13: Chicago / Pittsburgh / Buffalo / Seattle
    '14: Cincinnati / St. Louis / Tulsa / Lincoln / Memphis / Detroit / Moline
    '15: New York City - Global Citizen Festival
    '16: Greenville / Hampton / Raleigh / Columbia / Lexington / Ottawa / Toronto 1 & 2 / Wrigley 1 & 2
    '17: Brooklyn - Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
    '18: London 1 & 2 / Seattle 1 & 2 / Missoula / Wrigley 1
    '20: Nashville / St. Louis

  • brianluxbrianlux Moving through All Kinds of Terrain.Posts: 34,060
    I picked up this Hendrix LP for a couple bucks yesterday.  The vinyl looked unscratched but had a really bad warp the went from the outer edge on one side to about an inch in.  But the photo is cool so I figured it was worth a couple dollars.  But here's the weird thing-- when I got home and went to clean it, the warp looked less severe.  I thought, maybe it was just the lighting?  So I ran it through my spin clean and went off and did some other work.  A few hours later, I went and pulled the record out again and the warp was even further diminished- hardly even noticeable!  My wife said, "That must be some really thin or soft vinyl!" and I said, "No, it's as solid as any normal record.  It's just gotta be some kind of wonderful magic!"

    “In all human affairs there are efforts, and there are results, and the strength of the effort is the measure of the result.”
    -James Allen

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