Cleveland, tell me about it

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I have relatives there, hoping to one day make it there for a holiday.
Curious to learn more about the city.
Anyone from Cleveland here?
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    Calling deadendp....
    She's near there. And I think DerbyDave, as well.
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    I'm closer than Dave. Dave is in Columbus and about an hour and 45 minutes - 2 hours south of me. I'm about 45 minutes south of Cleveland. Whatcha wanna know?

    Dave would be great with concert venues and restaurants.

    I could tell you city stuff and museums, parks and probably some historical stuff.
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    I've only been there twice, but a couple of the places I absolutely loved and would recommend:
    -Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
    -Great Lakes Brewing (they offer free tours, too)
    -Mitchell's Ice Cream
    -Townhall (restaurant)
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    Ive lived about 20 minutes outside of the city my entire life and recently moved into an apartment in the heart of Downtown. Feel free to message me with any questions!
    PJ, Please come back to Cleveland in 2018

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    Lived there for my first 19 years in Strongsville, 20 minutes SW. There are definitely enough things to do to kill a week:
    1. Jacobs Field
    2. Rock Hall
    3. Brooklyn Zoo
    4. Cedar Point is a must
    5. Put-in-Bay is beautiful
    6. Depending on when, there's usually good things happening in the city, depending if you are with/out kids
    7. If you are a beer person, Great Lakes is good, but go to the Brew Kettle in Strongsville. They just won a national contest for their White Rajah IPA.
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    I love that video... especially the Kira Sedgwick reference. No one understands that one any more.

    Let me add to my list:
    9. Hang out in Parma for a day.
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    I love Cleveland.

    Indians game. Flannery's right there by the ballpark is an amazing irish-themed sports bar and one of my favorite spots in the country.

    I love Great Lakes beers (well, some of them). I would like to tour the brewery some day.

    I guess they have a good aquarium.


    If you are in town in basketball season, it would probably be worth the price of admission to see Lebron.

    Bunch of little cool spots all around downtown. I went to one place last time I was in town (I want to say it was called Lake Erie Pub or something like that). Cool little place with good music turned to a perfect volume that allowed for conversation. Decent beer selection, and also a connected panini/sandwich/pizza shop.
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    I heard it rocks. Some guy named Drew told me that.
    Alright, alright, alright!
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    JK_Livin said:

    I heard it rocks. Some guy named Drew told me that.

    It was actually "all the little kids growing up on the skids" who told Ian Hunter...
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    Cuyahoga Valley National Park:
    Cleveland Metroparks:
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    Holy crap... you busted out Big Chuck and Little John. What's next, Superhost? John Lannigan?
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    The Christmas Story House is in Cleveland. We've had fun there. (And yes, I climbed under the cabinet.)

    Lake View Cemetery is beautiful and has one of the very few Tiffany interiors that remains in existence. It's more of a gigantic sculpture garden.

    The Cleveland Museum of Art is rebuilt and deliciously gorgeous. You could spend hours there along with other museums in University Circle. (My daughter has been to the Natural History Museum so many times that she could give you a tour with her eyes closed.) A good drive through Rockefeller Park on the way to University Circle is a must.

    Fantastic winter birding can be done at the lakefront. Go to the "whaling wall" of Cleveland Public Power to watch the snowy owls come to the airport. It's a migration point for birds as they move on up to Canada. Depending the time of year, you can see some interesting ones come through.

    Westside Market. Theresa's. The cannoli is more delicious than I can describe. If it were closer, I would visit on a regular basis. Not open every day.
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    Thank you all for the tips.
    I definitely want to go to the Rock hall of fame and a Bulls (my team) vs Cavs game.
    My cousin has tickets to Cavs games.
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    Piggy-backing on this thread... Heading to Cleveland this weekend to watch my Red Sox finish up the regular season. Playing their best baseball of the season, too little too late. Anyway, are there any good record stores or hole-in-the-wall bars within walking distance from Jacobs Field (or whatever the commercialized name of the place is now)?

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    Progressive Field or "The Pro." (I've only heard that term on the news, though.)

    There are quite a number of great places to eat around the field, so you are good there. Personally, I can't think of a record store within walking distance. It's not to say that there isn't one. Just not one that I know of. There might be one in Tower City/The Avenue, but that wouldn't be a mom and pop shop.
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    I went to Cleveland once. There's a ferry to some island with a crystal cave? I think
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    Not really in that area. There might be one in Tower City but nothing quaint or cool. The coolest one I can think of is Record Revolution over on Coventry Road in Cleveland Heights. It's pretty famous and was a big deal during the 70's. Coventry is a hippie kind of area and there are cool bars and restaurants there. They aren't trendy, rather hole in the wall.

    Coventry is also right next to Little Italy, which is a real Little Italy. People still speak Italian there and it's very historic. This is all about 5-6 miles from the Jake. However, I would not walk this or even take public transportation to be honest. You go through the near East side which is the very rough part of town.
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    I feel embarrassed that the first time I heard of the city was when I saw Howard The Duck on The Movie Channel as a kid in the 80s.
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    Be outside of there on thursday

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    Is this where I say go Cavs?
  • rgambsrgambs Posts: 11,604
    Don't, just don't.
    Have them meet you somewhere cool lol
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    dankind said:
    Is this where I say go Cavs?
    YES!  You can throw in a Tribe shout out, if you'd like.  
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    Maybe just see if your relatives will meet you in Pittsburgh.  
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  • mrussel1mrussel1 Posts: 10,377
    Maybe just see if your relatives will meet you in Pittsburgh.  
    Don't be a degenerate fuck.
  • DegeneratefkDegeneratefk Posts: 3,123
    mrussel1 said:
    Maybe just see if your relatives will meet you in Pittsburgh.  
    Don't be a degenerate fuck.
    Not really sure why all that was necessary
    will myself to find a home, a home within myself
    we will find a way, we will find our place
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