Looking for Good Tattoo Artist VERY INTRICATE design for PJ Tattoo...big one

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I have a question. Is there anyone in Arizona who draw very very well? Intricate portrait, detailed everything? Detail IS everything on this final tattoo, will be my PJ tattoo, I have a rough drawing and the idea, Im just in the market to find someone who can REALLY draw. As far as the portrait, Ill be doing the face of McCreedy and half his body, so think about the detail there, if you can pull that off with the utmost confidence then please contact me, there is ALOT more to this VERY unique and special Pearl Jam tattoo, Im positive you've never seen one like it before! Im excited and scared, cause it will be awesome but its gonna really hurt! Im not rich but I can pay for the perfect artist and that persons talent......its worth it. Thank you for your help, even if you cant help, thank you for taking the time to read this. For more info, Message me. Thanks! Have a Jam filled day!
Since this particular tattoo has never been seen or thought of before and the uniqueness of it, I can only discuss it within a private message, please keep in mind, I dont bite! Im just damn picky about my artwork on my body.
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    bexx in las vegas
    for poetry through the ceiling. ISBN: 1 4241 8840 7

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    Curious as to what you decided on... Pics?
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    Are you only looking for someone in AZ?
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