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*** San Diego Fanviews Here 11/21/13 ***



  • :lol: I don't usually comment on shows I don't go to, but this set list and from the sound of the overall feeling - this one just tipped the scales on whether I buy the entire tour or just the ones I went to + a select few. I was on the fence because there are so many great shows, but I think this one just tipped the scales.

    So, for all those folks that are complaining about merch and them being cash grabbers - well, the music is still where they are grabbing the cash. They just made me spend another $200 or so. Bastards!!! :lol::lol::lol:

    I think we can all agree that this is clearly their best tour. Fine wine, Ed. Fine wine.
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    I think we can all agree that this is clearly their best tour. Fine wine, Ed. Fine wine.
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    Speed of Sound AND the debut of Sleeping by Myself....interesting
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  • I dont usually post in setlist threads of shows I didnt attend, but GOD DAYUM SAN DIEGO!
    Not only am I jealous of your beautiful weather and surroundings, I am seriously jealous of all those in attendance last night.
    Tremor Christ & Insignificance... R U KIDDING ME?!?!
    Slight of Hand, Light Years, Army Reserve, In Hiding, In My Tree?!?!?
    Wow. Getting this boot for sure. Hope it sounds as good as it looks.
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    That powder blue San Diego Super Chargers Lightning Bolt is the greatest sticker/t-shirt combo ever.

    Look at all of those Lightning Bolts! ... nDiego.png
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    AndySlash wrote:
    what a show, guys. i always second and third guess myself when i decide to travel to see this band (mainly for financial reasons), but shows like this one are what keep the desire alive.

    eddie singing 'alive' looking directly to his mother was a sight to behold.

    somebody has to have video of this!
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  • nevmilesnevmiles Ottawa, ONPosts: 1,356
    Tremor Christ!!!!!!!!!! Amazing. First time since 2010 in Ireland!
    Can't wait to see a YT vid of it.

    And Ledbetter NOT as a closer :o When is that least time that happened?

    While reading all of Eddie's monologues on the first page I had wondered if that was going to cut into the time they spend playing music . . . but it looks like they still got through all of the songs they wanted to play, despite all of the chatter! Sounds like Eddie was in a chatty/good mood! Looks like a great show.
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  • rival.rival. ChicagoPosts: 7,776
    fantastic :clap:

    i normally don't buy bootlegs to shows i don't go to (with the exception of the 2000 tour, because well... that was the best PJ tour of all time), but i think i need to make an exception for this one!
  • southernmanfansouthernmanfan Johannesburg, South AfricaPosts: 901
    These guys are just unbelievable to be delivering brilliant show after brilliant show. Wow is all I can say 8-)
  • pjsycopjsyco Wilmington, NCPosts: 627
    Amazing...that's all that I can say about this show. I've seen Pearl Jam over 40 times and each show gets better and better. I was standing three to four deep on Mike's side, and you should've seen his dad during Evenflow. Proud of his boy would be an understatement!

    Simply put about San Diego, it was an orgasmic experience.

    (Oh, and to the chick sitting on Stones side, in the lower seating, waving the little glow in the dark sticks and dancing/gyrating/humping the rail...whatever the fuck you were doing, you had a lot of people entertained/aroused near me on the floor. You, and this show, were cause to change my boxer shorts when I got back to the hotel.)

    Enjoyed it Carlos/San Diego/Tijuana...back to North Carolina.
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    Really regretting not taking the time off and making the road trip from Phx now. Damn it. :fp:
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  • MW55037MW55037 San Diego, CAPosts: 7
    Was sitting in the stands, on Stone's side, about 5 rows above Ed's mom. I've only seen them three times before, but this show was off the fucking hook. I've never seen Ed with so much energy. The crowd passing the wine bottle to Ed's mom then the immense cheer when she took a swig was awesome. Mike brought the roof down again and again. So many songs you don't expect to hear. Yellow Ledbetter followed by Rockin' (clearly an improv extra song on Ed's part; Jeff had already removed his earplugs and walked off the stage after YL.) Simply epic. Thank you thank you thank you thank you.
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    PJFAN13 wrote:
    Well," said Pooh, "what I like best...," and then he had to stop and think. Because although eating honey was a very good thing to do, there was a moment just before you began to eat it which was better than when you were, but he didn't know what it was called.

    If you are hoping I'm going to use words like "epic" or I'm going to rank this concert, I'm sorry to disappoint you.

    quoting pooh is WAY better!
    did you see me? i saw you.
  • Show number 34 for me... top of my list. Amazing night.
  • TinAntTinAnt Posts: 343
    i cant believe how well rehearsed this band is right now... holy shit great show
  • adamg5adamg5 Posts: 616
    TREMOR CHRIST! dang it my favorite song!! I hope they play it in the next few cities!
  • madtowndavemadtowndave Minneapolis, MNPosts: 3,982
    These setlists just keep getting more and more unreal....
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  • Second row right in front of Jeff last night. Its just a different experience being that close. Never been that close. Loved seeing the expressions on Jeffs and Matts face when Eddie was telling stories. And they all laughed and had a blast when Ray Cameron was on stage for RITFW. His facial expression was priceless. He looked like he couldn't believe what was going on and they loved it.

    Mike threw 3 fistfulls or picks into the crowd. Never knew he did that. I was lucky enough to grab a couple.

    Stoked they played Light Years for Ryan and his family. Moments like that give you a deeper appreciation for the band. Very cool.

    See you in LA
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  • Run, don't walk, to hear Mikey's Black solo. Ed force feeding wine to Ray Cameron as he still plays, then turning to get Matt's reaction. Ed's crazed New Orleans mushroom story. Girl passing out dead center rail as Ed did "drugs" intro into Severed Hand, Ed sharing a hug with Jeff as he's playing Do the Evolution, Mikey bending over and almost smelling Jeff's bass up close during Severed Hand, wine bottle and chugging to Ed's Mom, great Light Years, Jeff playing ducking game with the swinging globe light, another wild college party crowd, Ed constantly looking up and playing around with his bro in the lighting rig trying to spotlight him, Mikey rolling over on his back, another behind his head solo from Mikey during Even Flow, Ed's sincerity with Philippines, Ed absolutely butchering LB lyrics especially Swallowed Whole and Sirens haha, and overall a fun fun show!
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    I don't usually post about shows , even if I attended them , but when I do it's to thank the greatest band on ten and sometimes twelve legs for a mind blowing evening !! I now understand why San Diego shows are a must see for friends of mine . Who'd have thought a band which has been around for 23 years could be reaching their live prime, but Pearl Jam is in my mind . I've never seen the energy level so high . So glad for ten albums and then some because the set lists are amazing . Still hoping for my white whale songs of Strangest Tribe , Out of My Mind accoustic , and the Whale Song , but this run of shows may just be my favorite ( of 114 and counting) . Highlights were Nothingman , In My Tree , Tremor Christ , and most especially seeing my friends Glen and Daniela from Perth Oz , and meeting so many great fans from the GA section . Happy for all in attendance . PJ sure painted a masterpiece , a rock and roll Sistine Chapel .
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    Over 3 hours Ben Harper last Saturday, over 3 hours Pearl Jam yesterday... Amazing show, amazing people around...AND I got a wonderful Ukulele at the Fundraisers party! I feel so blessed!!
    Aloha Kakou
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    AndySlash wrote:
    what a show, guys. i always second and third guess myself when i decide to travel to see this band (mainly for financial reasons), but shows like this one are what keep the desire alive.

    eddie singing 'alive' looking directly to his mother was a sight to behold.

    I feel very lucky to have seen a lot of PJ shows, including some epic ones. But this moment, Ed singing Alive looking right at his mom??? That is an intense, seriously... deep moment to witness. I can't even imagine.

    That, plus the presence of so many of the band's family members, and the guy from the Phillipines, that all makes me quite sure this show was something special that, as amazing as it sounds in these reviews, you had to be there to truly understand.

    Super happy for you SD lucky bastards!!! :D:D:D
  • ianh42ianh42 Posts: 80
    We were on Stone's side in the risers close to Eddies mom and when Mike went into the national anthem post YL Eddie went around the stage to Stone, Jeff and Matt to add RITFW. That was just one of many moments I kept saying they did not just do that. Another was when Eddie stopped In Hiding to add Tremor Christ in. I felt like a part of the Pearl Jam Family all night. The best band and best fans ever. Thanks All!!!
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    No words. Still processing what happened last night
  • Indifference71Indifference71 ChicagoPosts: 13,886
    What a night. 3.5 hours??? Crazy. So happy I decided to add San Diego to my trip. Off to LA now...
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    Still recovering from last nights show, The Energy was felt everywhere! Ten Tour comes to mind. Whaaat?... :o:o:o .
    Thanks for making my thursday great and my friday even greater! MAGICAL!...didnt even care about 52.50 parking ticket on my windshield.YEEEEEEAH BUUUUDY. :P :P :P :P :P :P
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    Is anyone else trying to wrap their head around what we saw last night??!!

    I'm trying to replay it in my head. Unreal show. I've seen close to 16 shows and this was by far the most epic set of all of them. The band was on fire all night.

    Mike FUCKING McCready! That dude was next level last night. I've seen him stalk the stage like that, but he was shredding like I've never seen before.

    San Diego is so spoiled. We always get amazing shows. I feel so damn lucky right now!
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  • shortstackshortstack Posts: 2,328
    JH6056 wrote:
    AndySlash wrote:
    eddie singing 'alive' looking directly to his mother was a sight to behold.

    I feel very lucky to have seen a lot of PJ shows, including some epic ones. But this moment, Ed singing Alive looking right at his mom??? That is an intense, seriously... deep moment to witness. I can't even imagine.

    that's crazy
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  • Ernie VedderErnie Vedder Bell Gardens, CAPosts: 2,162
    Camp Pendleton got a dedication! Err yut!!!

    Army Reserve rocked!
  • It doesn't get Eddie Vedder than this. Awesome show. Wish I had tickets to see them in other cities.
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