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REM- music really misses them



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    I was lucky enough to see REM many times from 1983 through 2008.  They are one of my top live bands.  They often went deep into their catalog, which made each show very unique.  My favorite show was in 1999 at the Greek Theatre in L.A.  We were front row center, and Michael handed us the mic during "End of the World"....we got to sing the chorus!

    So many great memories.

    Because I got into them in high school, they mean more to me than PJ.

    Wow- fantastic!  I only got to see them once (Nov. '83) but what a show! 

    Just the other day, I pulled out some of my copies of their 12" singles.  They sound so good!
    I started collecting their 12" singles around 10 years ago.  I think I have most of them......will have to catalog my collection one of "These Days".

    I did that for my vinyl (but not CD's) on Discogs.  It took a while but it's great to have them catalogued.  Just do a couple dozen at a time and you'll get there.  I wasn't super fussy about narrowing down some of the more common titles to the exact run-out matrix, but got most of my records close enough for my needs. 
    Sounds like a good plan.

    Most of the 12" singles are very reasonably priced on Discogs......I will have to see which ones I am missing!
    I was at a record store in Colorado Springs last year that had a bunch of them. I wanted to pick them up but was overruled by the boss. 
    shoulda cannonballed her. 
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    Such a great band. I wonder if they're going to continue re-issuing their catalog? Monster was the last one. I need to pick up the super deluxe of that one and add it to the collection!
    I hope so. I vaguely remember them talking about New Adventures in HiFi during the press stuff for the Monster 25th release.
    All of the reissues have been "25th Anniversary" releases, and this year is the 25th Anniversary of New Adventures so hopefully there's something on the way.
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  • FR181798FR181798 Posts: 1,588
    Instagram post hinted at a New Adventures reissue this year. 
  • Tim SimmonsTim Simmons Posts: 5,440
    Really interested what it would include if they do a deluxe. I don’t think there were many outtakes. 

    It’s the last full band record, I would assume they would go huge. 
  • Of The AggieOf The Aggie The ATXPosts: 1,360
    I would definitely be excited about getting NAIHF on vinyl this year.
  • God I love their "Hi Fi" record. Undertow into E-Bow The sublime! Today's key listen for me!
  • CarryTheZeroCarryTheZero Posts: 457
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    Deluxe reissue of this would be fantastic! That Monster reissue was pretty killer.
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