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ed portrait tattoo



  • shetellsherselfshetellsherself New JerseyPosts: 8,636
    Michael rose visual art. check his portraits out . thanks for the comments good and bad. enjoy your life. dont judge peace.... and i was just thinking Wtf people have tattoo s of che or marley or Martin Luther king and the such . Is that gay? Of some one ie lennon or vedder is inspirational then why not. as far as would i show ed Wtf its for me not anyone else or to look "cool" or whatever others may think.

    :clap::clap: and I can't believe this thread got to page 5 :roll:
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    What, no love for this one?? :lol: would make a perfect portrait tattoo!
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  • EdsonNascimentoEdsonNascimento Posts: 5,455
    So say you get it done... what next, are you gonna get the rest of the band members too,

    Just, as much as i love Eddie too, PJ is a band not just one man..

    Really? That's the issue you have with this idea?

    I must admit, this issue does annoy me, but your right, not in this thread... after i posted it, i thought i shouldn't have .. not here anyway. so to the OP, i'm really sorry, I have no problem with you getting any tattoo you desire. as you said earlier .. your body.. right on, go for it.... I just have a problem with everybody concentrating on just eddie, when its a whole band.. and same goes for lots of other bands.. just my issue, i'll learn to keep them to myself in future.

    Oh, I agree with you on that. Perhaps, my joke was weak. :lol:
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