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    Go Beavers wrote:
    Tboz51 wrote:
    I have never said the death penalty, health care or any of that was relevant. So perhaps you could open a new thread we could argue those points?
    Why would it be double standard wanting more jobs in the USA and also wanting more jobs in other parts of the world?

    Lets say you think that poverty is a big problem in the USA and believe somthing needs to be done about it - can you not at the same time donate money to help the poor in Africa?


    Again, I am not the person who has spent 20 years on a soap box reminding others to be aware of their social responsibilities.

    I do not donate any money to any organization other then the Wish List foundation.

    But wouldn't complain of others if they wanted to help out.

    I don't see any of what PJ is doing as some sort of social giving. More of a fast cash grab.

    Pearl Jam and its members are not donating money to a Chinese organization, they are using those people as all other fast easy money organization does in this country. Walmart as a good example.... I forget, what does Ed think of Walmart again?

    Perhaps if the 10c would address this and give us all the name of this fine Chinese

    If your issue is about practicing what you preach, then again, how do you resolve the issue of your own purchasing of Chinese goods? You may not be on stage, but you have an audience in here.

    You ask a fair question, but I have never manufactured to resale any Chinese merchandise.

    I guess I am okay now?

    Edit: I also didn't purchase this item... FYI and to be honest, I am not mad at people for buying it at all...

    How much is enough??
    "Honesty will always be construed as negative to a dumbass"
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