Don't Gimme No Lip Played Tonight

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Stone rocks. 'nuff said
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  • I saw it the first time they played it (Ottawa) and it rocked!
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    wow!!! i really wanna see that live!!
    5/09/06, 5/10/06 - FUCKIN AMAZING!!!!
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    Aww I knoow! I knooow! *jumps up and down* I had 2 friends call me (thank you soooo much!!) and let me listen... one of them being my fellow STONEY PONY Meddledeal. :eek: :D Awww! I am SOOOO fuckin HAPPY she got DONT GIMME NO LIP!!!!! :D

    Apparently Eddie introduced it by saying they had a "special guest" to perform on the next song. :p Then he said "Mr STONE GOSSARD"! haha. HELL YES!


    Feel free to keep singing in Bostone. ;):D

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  • THIS FUCKING ROCKED!!!!! I was sitting front row, on Stone's side. They came out to do the second encore, before they did U, I yelled "Let Stone Sing!!" Then Right after U, I risked embarassing my wife by yelling "Don't Gimme No Lip". The girl standing next to me screamed in agreement, and sure enough, they broke out my namesake!! I swear I jumped 4 ft in the air and sang along as loud as I could. Stone rules!! Then they fucking played SMILE!!
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    I saw it the first time they played it (Ottawa) and it rocked!

    Same here!
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    I almost broke my larynx screaming so loud when Stone started to sing it, and I almost broke my leg jumping up and down like a maniac "dancing" to it.

    Stone fuckin' Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    My cheeks actually started hurting from smiling so damn hard!!

    It was sooooo damn fun! ;)

    We just got home, and my daughter was sad that her big adventure with mom was over, and asked if we could go on to Detroit!! lol. She had a blast, made her momma proud! ;)
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    Heres a little clip I took last night. I dont know why, but on You Tube, it gets the audio all off from the video, it works on my computer, but on the site it messes it up, but Im glad to share this short clip...
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