Yield better than No Code shocker!

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Today it is anyway, ask me again tomorrow.
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    This is not possible - it was established last week that No Code is the greatest album of the past 20 years....


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    I know, just call me Mr Controversial, I'll return to toeing the party line tomorrow, no doubt. I'm in one of my rebellious moods tonight.. :lol:
  • Funny because No Code is my fave pj album and yield is possibly my least fave. Not that it's bad, i just don't like it as much as the others
    speaking as a child who shouldve have been a teen in the 90's
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    I always liked Yield but never really gave it the same opportunity as I have the others, I'm in bed sick at the moment (It's bad....manflu!) so I'm kind of working my way through the studio stuff chronologically. I enjoyed it far, far more than I used to, It'll be spun again tomorrow in case it was a once off. It does, of course have No Way on it, one of my favourite tracks of all time, but I've spent years thinking the rest of the stuff on it wasn't as good, I may have seen the light.
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  • Yield > No Code...but not by much :-)
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    Yield > No Code...but not by much :-)

    My thoughts exactly, I love Yield :-)
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    The tracklist order on Yield just may be the best on any album.
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  • Yield > No Code...but not by much :-)

    My thoughts exactly, I love Yield :-)

    my personal fav pj album.
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  • I think NO CODE is an amazing piece of art work - just wow
    I think YIELD is an amazing rock record - WoW

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    I agree it tops No Code, but it's too close to call between Yield and a shocker.
  • I think NO CODE is an amazing piece of art work - just wow
    I think YIELD is an amazing rock record - WoW


    I agree. And I must admit for me, they are all my favorite, just depends on my mood, and what I feel like listening to at any given time. But I cannot really every put them in order of my most to least favorite. That is what is great about PJ for me.
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  • Yield first for me also. No code is up there but to be fair I can put them in any order I find reasons for most to be best but yield is my fave
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    No Code is at number 9 on my list of favorite Pearl Jam albums.
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    Even though I love No Code, some of PJ's best works are on Yield....Faithfull, Given to Fly, In Hiding, Low Light. Yield and No Code rank high for me, I love the non-conformist, Art Rock direction PJ took.
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