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  • Still in search of a Wrigley 1 GA ticket. Hoping for a miracle.
  • TP31467TP31467 Posts: 5
    Have a pair of LA TOTD tickets for sale
    Still looking for a Wrigley 1 pair anywhere

    Message me
  • Hoping for a Wrigley 1 GA. :blush:
  • FT: Fenway night 1 PAIR (Turf A1 field) + cash difference

    ISO: Wrigley night 1 PAIR, TOTD Philly night 1 PAIR, TOTD Seattle 1 or 2 PAIR

    Also, I love you, but not selling. Trade offers only please. :)
  • pjsteelerfanpjsteelerfan MarylandPosts: 9,510
    I have 1 extra to each night at Fenway. Not 10c, but in lower sections.
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  • I have 1 extra to each night at Fenway. Not 10c, but in lower sections.

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  • UNH1995UNH1995 Worcester Posts: 348
    Looking for 1 ticket to Friday night at Fenway. Thanks to anyone able to help!
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  • I have a pair of 10C Fenway 2, wanting to trade for 10C Fenway 1. 10C #'s are 122XXX and 464XXX

    text me or send me an email since I am not very good with this message board.
    [email protected]
    I'm coming in from Las Vegas and arrive on Thursday and can meet.
  • Crazy MarTyNCrazy MarTyN Berlin/germanyPosts: 40
    ISO: FENWAY 1 OR 2!!! We still need 2 tickets to either show. Flights from germany are booked!! I can also offer an old PJ poster on top!
  • 100 Pacer100 Pacer Toronto, ONPosts: 6,178
    100 Pacer said:

    ISO 1 GA for Wrigley #1

    Any assistance is much appreciated. Thanks again.

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  • pretextpretext Posts: 1,289

    I have 1 extra to each night at Fenway. Not 10c, but in lower sections.

    pm sent for night 2.
  • Have: pair of 10c res for Wrigley 2
    ISO: pair of GA for Wrigley 2 (trade or buy)
    and like everyone else a single GA for Wrigley 1 (buy)
  • JJ29272JJ29272 Posts: 14
    ISO Fenway 2 single. Please email me [email protected] Thanks!
  • JJ29272 said:

    ISO Fenway 2 single. Please email me [email protected] Thanks!

    Have you checked this post here? I don't know if it's still available. http://community.pearljam.com/discussion/257727/have-1-10c-ticket-for-2nd-fenway-show#latest :smile:
  • Hi everyone. Still looking for a Wrigley 1 GA ticket. Thanks for reading!
  • BS44325BS44325 Posts: 5,939
    ISO Single ticket Fenway N1. Have cash or pair of TOTD San Fran N1.
  • dramagedramage Posts: 4
    Greetings folks,
    I have a spare non-10C ticket for Fenway#2. PM if interested.
  • dustinaydustinay Posts: 39
    I have a spare 10c Fenway 1 ticket for your Steve Thomas Fenway poster.
  • still have an extra pair of fenway friday 10c tickets, #212xxx. looking for 10c tix for sunday. would also gladly buy 10c night 2 tickets
  • HollisBrownHollisBrown Posts: 3,504
    inglewood said:

    still have an extra pair of fenway friday 10c tickets, #212xxx. looking for 10c tix for sunday. would also gladly buy 10c night 2 tickets

    Don't have any extra for night 2. Just me and the bride. If you manage to score a pair for night 2, I'd be more than happy to buy your 2 extras for night 1. Good luck in your hunt and thanks in advance.
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  • rssesqrssesq Fairfield CountyPosts: 3,299
    ISO single FENWAY for sunday. My buddy is traveling with me and I have us covered for Friday and Saturday(HOB) but need a single sunday ticket. anywhere is cool
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  • ISO 3 tix for fenway August 5th... have posters to trade!
  • Looking for 1 ticket for Fenway night 1. DM me for details.
  • YefaYefa Posts: 1,011
    I have an extra 10c ticket for Wrigley 2. I'd like to trade it for a Wrigley 1 10c or decent non-10c single ticket.
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  • justincarvittojustincarvitto Posts: 3
    edited August 2016
    Local Washingtonian ISO 2 TOTD Sunday Seattle for wife and myself.
    Failed in 10c and ticketbastard fiasco.
    Message me.
  • Bdog10Bdog10 Boca Posts: 471
    I need 2 for Fenway 1. Anywhere in the building will work. Thanks
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  • slug420slug420 Posts: 316
    I have 2 available for Wrigley1 (Sec509, Row1) and 2 available for Fenway1 (G12 row 12)

    Interested in selling either pair for face value...to whoever can sell me the Thomas fenway poster (and one other) for face.
    Or Trading for TOTD Philly/Seattle
    Or Trading for a Donkey Kong poster (MSG '10)
  • ctsufer31ctsufer31 Boston, MAPosts: 31
    edited August 2016
    ISO: A single for Fenway 2 (Aug. 7).
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  • DwagsDwags Posts: 21
    TRADE: I have 1 Temple of the Dog Madison Square Garden ticket and LOOKING for 1 Chicago Saturday night show. If you would like to trade please reply.
  • opsopcopolisopsopcopolis Posts: 753
    edited August 2016
    I'm going to have at least 2, possibly 3 tickets to Fenway 2, section 25 for sale.

    edit: spoken for
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