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Extra Tickets for Sale/Trade- Post HERE



  • wavesrollbywavesrollby Posts: 373
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  • andertakerandertaker Posts: 100
    I have a TM Lexington pair sec 231 row N
    Can transfer via TM
  • DPrival78DPrival78 CTPosts: 2,250
    still looking for a single (10c preferred) to philly 2.. will happily split a pair with someone if that's an option as well.. let me know!
    i'm more a fan of popular bands.. like the bee-gees, pearl jam
  • Still ISO 1 or 2 Philly 2 GA. I know it's a long shot, and I have tickets to the first night, but I've never seen the boys from the pit. If someone can help, I'll bring goodies for the team!! PM PLEASE!!!
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    2009 - Philly 4
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    2016 - Philly 1 (Club box), 2 (GA, Thanks to bbison)

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  • djmikeyz28djmikeyz28 Posts: 281
    Looking for 1 or 2 Lexington GA. Have a pair of 10C reserved to trade or would buy outright. Want to be in the pit to jump around. PM or text if you can help, please and thank you! 630-615-8581
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    Chicago-Wrigley 7/19/2013
  • TimmyleTimmyle Charleston, WVPosts: 19
    Looking for 1 reserved for Lexington - short girl can't handle the pit lol ;)
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  • front spacerfront spacer EarthPosts: 3,207
    Timmyle said:

    Looking for 1 reserved for Lexington - short girl can't handle the pit lol ;)

    Do you have a GA to trade?

    Indy - 08.17.98
    Indy - 08.18.00
    Indy - 06.22.03
    Indy - 05.07.10
    EV StL - 07.01.11
    Alpine Valley - 09.03.11, 09.04.11 (PJ20)
    ATL - 09.22.12 (Music Midtown Festival)
    EV Jax - 11.24.12
    Chicago - 07.19.13
    Pittsburgh - 10.11.13
    Moline - 10.17.14 (The No Code Show)
    Milwaukee - 10.20.14 (The Yield Show)
    FtL - 04.08.16
    Miami - 04.09.16
    Tampa - 04.11.16
    Lexington - 04.26.16
    Chicago - 08.20.16, 08.22.16
    Chicago - 08.18.18, 08.20.18
    Boston - 09.02.18, 09.04.18
  • JayneegirrlJayneegirrl Milwaukee Posts: 112
    I am asking for a miracle.... Wrigley GA!!!

    I am a life-long Pearl Jam Fan who is easy-going and responsible. I've seen many shows in many places but Wrigley is the Mecca of Pearl Jam that I haven't been to and I am a dreamer!

    Please!!!! Please think of me if your ticket buddy can't make it for some reason or if you have an extra ticket you'd like to go to a HUGE fan.

    I am open to sharing hotel costs or doing hotel on my own. I live an hour and a half away and promise to share GA line duties for as long as it takes and sing every song and dance appropriately!!!!


  • mfeigenmfeigen Northern IllinoisPosts: 33
    Seeking a single 10C ticket for Philly 2. GA or reserved - not picky. Thank you in advance.
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    2014:: St. Louis; ACL2; Moline; Milwaukee
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  • tchtch Posts: 89
    Like so many others, I'm also looking for (2) tickets to Philly 2. I'll be headed to Philly regardless of whether I have tickets in advance, so I'm happy to take last-minute tickets off your hands. Thanks!
  • jb1168jb1168 Posts: 80
    Iso msg 1. Single ticket ga ten club or behind the stage. Thanks.
  • DillsnufusDillsnufus Posts: 1,158
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    Looking for a single msg 1 ticket I have a single tick either fen 1 and 2 to trade
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  • three MSG 1 tickets available on Ticketmaster
  • given2fly23given2fly23 Evanston, ILPosts: 5,362
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    three MSG 1 tickets available on Ticketmaster

    Ahhhhhhhh!!!! Nooooooooo!!!!!

    Anybody get them?
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  • AKRounder85AKRounder85 PhilaPosts: 250
    Looking to sell 1 lower level fanclub ticket for Philly 1 Thursday. Asking face value. (or trade for 1 Philly 2 ticket)
    Also... looking to purchase a single Philly 2 Fanclub tkt. will pay face.

    If interested, Inbox me please.
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    2009- 10/29 Philly, 10/28 Philly, 10/30 Philly, 10/31 Philly
    2012- 9/2 Made In America
    2013- 10/21 Philly, 10/22 Philly
    2016- 4/28 Philly, 4/29 Philly
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  • jbrowniejbrownie Posts: 132
    Just throwing it out there. Some of you guys are CRAZY! 16, 17 shows? Dayum. I'm glad I got 1 show @ my Favorite ballpark (Yep, biased. Let it go.) Just saying me & my buddy are up for Fenway 2 if someone has 2 booting around. I'm sure they'll be "some" floating around the city, but if you have a pair you want to unload face value now, reach out. I don't expect fan club, just claiming both Boston shows (& I just set myself for a lot of hate for the Boston haters, but I get it.) Nothing to trade, we only have the ONE show. Sorry.
  • waveruewaverue Posts: 107
    Searching for 1 Quebec City GA. Will be there regardless with family/friends, just short one GA. Happy to help with merch line. Cash day of or PayPal in advance. Long time fan, 10c member, etc. Thanks for considering!
  • BrentFBrentF Posts: 21
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    I have a pair of Philly 1 for sale below face value. Sec. 216A. $160 for both. PM me if interested.
  • Indianaboy9Indianaboy9 IndianapolisPosts: 15
    I have extra reserved 10c Reserved 206xxx for Tuesday. PM if interested.
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  • fdavidfdavid IndianapolisPosts: 68
    ISO GA Lexington - 1 or 2 tix - thx
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  • jksimpkinsjksimpkins Posts: 6
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    Have two 10C reserved seats in Lexington for sale. Face value.

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  • NSLNSL Nashville, TNPosts: 257
    Looking for MSG 1 still. Got my flights so let's hope I can land a ticket!
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  • We have 2 extra tickets for Philly night 2 in balcony suite #4. We're asking $225 each for them which includes some food and beer. PM me if you are interested.
  • I have 1 extra for Lexington tonight. 10c Reserved. PM me.
  • I have one extra in Lexington tonight, 10C ticket, if interested PM me. This is a reserved seat. Thanks!
  • TF187188TF187188 Posts: 20
    ISO: 2 Tickets for MSG Night 1.

    Trade: 2 tickets for Phillly night 2. Sec 212, row 2.
  • tchtch Posts: 89
    I'm still looking for a pair of tickets to Philly 2. Thank you!!
  • BRAIN0FJAYBRAIN0FJAY Charleston, WV Posts: 978
    I may - should know for sure soon - have an extra GA for tonight (Lexington). PM me if you are interested.
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  • I may - should know for sure soon - have an extra GA for tonight (Lexington). PM me if you are interested.

    PM sent
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  • wwsuicidewwsuicide Posts: 1,140
    Have an extra pair for tonight. Section 25. Aisle seats.
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