Extra Tickets for Sale/Trade- Post HERE



  • bhorsebhorse Kingston NYPosts: 13
    Looking for 1 MSG1. PM me please!!!
  • TK104186TK104186 Posts: 25
    looking to trade my extra hampton 10c res for a Greenville 10c res. freind bailed on coming out and greenville seats are under his name, so i need some help.
  • mcatakemcatake Posts: 52

    ISO 1 or 2 Ottawa 10c Reserved to buy at face please.. I'm local :)

    PM Sent.
  • jstrutynjstrutyn Posts: 18
    Hello,I know it is a long shot but I am looking for 2 tickets for Philly night 2. I prefer to not be behind the stage but beggars can't be choosers!
  • scoontarscoontar Posts: 16
    ISO GA pit for Jacksonville tonight. Driving up from Tampa, have never been in pit, so crossing my fingers someone can help a brother out. :)
  • SS657083SS657083 Posts: 110
    ISO 1 Jacksonville Ticket for tonight!
  • euchrideuchrid Posts: 182
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    ISO 1 Ottawa GA ... buy or can trade for Toronto Night 2
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  • J4MyTreeJ4MyTree PittsburghPosts: 15
    I am looking for 2 any seat anywhere for the second night in philly. Offering face value cash with a bonus case of fine beverages.
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    04-29-16 Wells Fargo Center "Tenadelphia"
  • 2 available in section 323 for Jax.
  • TF187188TF187188 Posts: 20
    Looking to trade 2 Philly night 2 tickets (201 row 2) for 2 tickets for MSG night 1. I have boot codes to make the trade a little better.
  • JEFF IJEFF I Posts: 50
    Hey all. Looking to trade Phiily Thursday 10c GA for any 10c or lower level Friday..Thanks
  • PorchRadioPorchRadio Aurora, ILPosts: 233
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    Looking from 1 Raleigh GA. Friend that bought the tickets pair can't go because of her work cancelling her vacation time, and of course no one else can pick them up. Thanks!
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  • abhijitmgabhijitmg Greensboro, NCPosts: 21
    Looking to trade my Raleigh GA for an MSG 10C ticket.
  • I have an extra pair of fan club seats (reserved) for Greeneville that I would be happy to sell to a 10C member at face value ($159). We can make arrangements to meet near the arena or my hotel (ALoft).
  • se4nh4rtse4nh4rt Posts: 53
    Looking for a Raleigh pair
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  • wbutler29wbutler29 Posts: 675
    Have a pair for Raleigh and Columbia from general sale. Face. e-ticket transfer or can meet at the show.
  • 666erm666erm Posts: 149
    I have an extra 10c for Jacksonville tonight. Face value. Section 114, row B
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    06/17/14 Amsterdam
    10/09/14 Lincoln
    10/14/14 Memphis
    11/25/15 Bogota
    04/08/16 Fort Lauderdale
    04/09/16 Miami
    04/11/16 Tampa
    04/13/16 Jacksonville
    04/16/16 Greenville
    05/05/16 Quebec City
    08/05/16 Boston
    08/07/16 Boston
    07/01/18 Prague
    07/03/18 Krakow
    07/10/18 Barcelona
    07/14/18 Lisbon
    08/08/18 Seattle
    08/10/18 Seattle
  • KM206988KM206988 Denver, COPosts: 28
    FS: 2 reserved 10c tickets (member #492XXX) for Columbia, SC. Face value. PM me if interested!
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  • YoullseeDragonsYoullseeDragons Posts: 1,902
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    Have 1 Philly 1 CCTIX ticket available. Section 204a row 14 seat 3. $95.00. Just let me know. Show is going to be GREAT!!!!
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  • IgotshitIDIgotshitID St.john's Newfoundland Posts: 853
    still looking for an ottawa GA.
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    Toronto 9/12/2011
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  • goosefuzzgoosefuzz Posts: 40
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    Still looking for one or two tickets for MSG, any night, if two together.
    Have some Pearl Jam Australia tour posters if they're your thing.
    Adelaide '03, '06 x2, '09 and EV Solo x2 '11. New York '16 MSG2.
  • I am in search of 2 tickets to Hampton. Not needing GA or 10c res. Just want to get in and sit in front of stage. Only seats I can find so far are over priced behind the stage seats.
    I didn't think I could go due to nature of my job so I passed on the lottery. Now I have chance to go and no tickets. Pm me if u can help. And thanks
  • JS122057JS122057 Knoxville, TNPosts: 15
    FS/FT: I have single 10c reserved (458xxx) for both Raleigh and Columbia. Was gonna bring my 15y/o but he has some tests in school that he can't miss. Will sell for face or trade for merch. PM if interested.
  • iamloco724iamloco724 Brooklyn NYPosts: 1,251
    Need 2 together for Philly night 2.
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  • mwplummwplum Posts: 1,354
    2 Quebec 10 Club Reserved seats available
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    2001-10-22 Seattle
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    2012-6-27 Amsterdam (#2!)
    2013-11-29 Portland, 12-4 Vancouver, 12-6 Seattle
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    2018 - Seattle x 2, Missoula, Fenway x 2
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    Desperately looking for an MSG #1 GA... Really want to trade my extra Night 2GA for a Night 1 GA. I would also trade for a seat with a good 10C #..... but I LOVE being GA. I've been in the 10c for 20 years and will exchange ticket confirmations with you. I also have a lot of friends that will vouch for me on the board.

    PLEASE..... if you have an extra GA Night 1..... I have your Night #2. Please PM me.... or better yet.... email me at [email protected] Either or both. Thanks for reading and if you have my ticket..... Lets make a deal!!! Thanks- Linda
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  • CapstonerCapstoner Posts: 725
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    Atlanta 12
    Charlotte 13
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    Greenville 16
    Raleigh 16
  • The AkkusThe Akkus Posts: 1,090
    Capstoner said:

    I will now have an extra Greenville GA ticket for sale.... PM or email [email protected] if interested

    pm sent

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  • rssesqrssesq Fairfield CountyPosts: 3,299
    Leaving jax right now but still iso 1 ticket to msg1. Have cash or merck (flip flops etch)or medicinal
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  • Mr DerpMr Derp Posts: 319
    Hi guys,

    Hampton will be my 25th PJ show and I'm desperately trying to get 1 GA ticket so I can be with my friends who I've been going to shows with for a long time. For 1 Hampton GA ticket I'll trade you both my 10C reserved seats (usually 3 sections down, Mikes side - also get floor Mikes side sometimes) AND a pair of ticket master Philly night 1 tickets. If you don't want the Philly tickets I'm also willing to trade vinyl, misc. posters, stickers / pins, etc. And I'll be in your debt for a long time. If you have ONE extra GA ticket PLEASE shoot me a PM - I really wanna be with my friends in GA for my 25th show!
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