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Oldest PJ tshirt you still wear?



  • JMoJMo Posts: 1,071
    I like the reissued merch shirts. I too hope they release more.

    I wore out my 'bad acid' shirt, with the sweet record player on the front.
  • PJTEXASPJTEXAS TexasPosts: 222
    I still wear my Gremmie Out of Control T-Shirt... barely fits but I wear it around the house
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  • billyruffbillyruff Posts: 534
    1992 euro tour shirt with the guys cartoon style on the front ...Still looks pretty good
  • HorosHoros Posts: 4,517
    I have the 'windowpane' shirt from 93/94.
  • sailboatcaptainsailboatcaptain San Juan, Puerto RicoPosts: 247
    PJTEXAS wrote:
    I still wear my Gremmie Out of Control T-Shirt... barely fits but I wear it around the house

    That is a kickass shirt!! Going to friend you in flickr right now.
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  • lowlighterlowlighter Posts: 306
    Would have to be my PJ European Tour shirt with them drawn as cartoons on the front with World Jam and the tour dates on the back.. Love that shirt
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  • covered in blisscovered in bliss chi-caw-goPosts: 1,315
    A bootleg Soldier Field with the beetle on the front of it. I bought one for my sister as well and she actually gave it back to me for Christmas 2 years ago, in brand new condition!
  • Old skool long sleeve ten stockman shirt. Has holes in it paint on it but I still wear it. Love it.
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  • teegan31teegan31 Southwestern ONPosts: 126
    I still have and wear my original stickman shirt I bought when i was 13 (I'M 33 NOW...) Its got a few rips and holes in it but I can not bring myself to replace it or throw it out. Thinkin about wearing it to the show in September!
  • CobCob Posts: 829
    DE483 wrote:
    1994 Freak shirt from Chicago's New Regal Theater - fan club only show. Wore it to Cleveland 2010 - guy behind me says that was the Vs. tour. We start to chat - he says yeah, we were there - the drummer and bass player from the Frogs. I had better seats then them 8-)

    I have 2 of these shirts, both grey, so them in StL @ Fox there for 2 shows in March 1994, still wear them.
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  • BALLBOYBALLBOY AustraliaPosts: 850
    Vitalogy shirt from Australian tour 1995 a bit frayed around the collars & sleeves. Dont wear it to often nowadays but still going strong. Should i wear it to PJ20 screening?
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  • knowkodesknowkodes Posts: 119
    I still wear my VFC shirt and the oldest tour tshirt is from the 95 tour - my first show New Orleans w/ The Ramones
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  • VinylGirlVinylGirl Posts: 551
    Wow, I always wish I kept my old VHC paraphernalia when I see older items.

    Oldest t-shirt is from the 2003 tour. Was red w/ black sleeves but has faded out to pink.
    Kinda like it that way...
  • gimmesometruth27gimmesometruth27 St. Fuckin LouisPosts: 19,430
    i still rock my "choices" tee quite a bit. i bought in high school...still fits too...i get a lot of comments on it.

    i played a show in it last month and some dude came up to me between sets and said "i was the 10th kid" and it took me a second to figure out what he meant :lol:
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  • Hugo ReyesHugo Reyes Posts: 237
    waiting in line to buy Vs. at midnight at Strawberries in Worcester...they were throwing out t-shirts into the crowd and I was lucky enough to grab one. Despite the fact that it's thin material, it's still in the rotation.
  • SOLAT319SOLAT319 Posts: 4,323
    mfc2006 wrote:
    probably my 1996 No Code's wrecked, but i still wear it every once in awhile. may have to wear it to PJ20! :shock:

    I wore my Euro tour 1992 one to PJ20 day 1 :)
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  • BALLBOYBALLBOY AustraliaPosts: 850
    Vitalogy shirt from 1995 Australian tour. A ragged around the edges & hope to buried in it one day!
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