Tremor Christ meaning (or your interpretation)



  • This. Song. Kicks. Ass.


    Great song that seems to be forgotten about on the album never really understood it or been able to relate to it, these songs always seem to be the best in their own way.
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  • This is a hard-core awe-some song, in my opinion...and thanks for the deciphering with the liner notes. Does make one wonder what type of literature the lyracist was devouring at the time, and what state of mind and of being said lyriacist was in at the time of writing. Alls I can say is I am thankful for whatever he was going through to put such thought provoking words to an outstandingly matched piece of music.
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  • I'm totally late to this party, but reading back urges me to post my interpretation. I think Tremor Christ is all about the price of fame, and the fact that they have sacrificed their inner most feelings and privacy to people who always want more. PJ is the sailor..Drifting past the storm (media scrutiny) His savior that is drowing in his wake is his wife (and/or family). Just my interpretation, for what it's worth.
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    Masterpiece..need more tattoo..
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    First I think its off their best album period. Truly the one most personally profound.

    think its his cryptic way of briefly describing his experience in finding out about his father. And how it was music that saved him.
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    I think its about the toying of the soul between God and the devil. The constant conflict between the flesh and the spirit.
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    Like I've said before, I like a lot of music. But this band has set the bar so high for me in many ways, in terms of what I preceve as good, quality, & great music. Like this song. It's not catchy, it's not a balad, or is it? But so full of imagery that your mind produces while listening. You get thoughts of being at sea in a realitivly small but stable sail boat (like literally) at night maybe raining and foggy, with a lighthouse way in the distance behind you, the light from it so faint that you only catch a faint blink from it once in a while. At the same time you are thinking about it medaphoricly pondering where you are at in life and what you are deciding to do with your self.
    How many bands or songwriters can do that?
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  • different Live lyrics... 
    "Hansom is the devil.. When he is whispering pleasing words... "
    "Turns the bow back flows and.."

    I like the spin... less heady!! 👌
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