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ed's made three songs his own...



  • I'm sorry. I have to say it. BOOM OWNS CRAZY MARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D
    I will be what i could be
    Once I get out of this town

  • PearlerPearler Posts: 191
    Ed does RITFW and Hide Your Love Away very well, but will never make them his. Those two songs in particular (and plenty other songs they cover) are bigger than pearl jam, plus, havnt come from obscure, insignificant nobody bands which the dead boys pretty much were.. Sonic Reducer he has made his because before he sung it no one had heard of it.

    Throw Your Arms Around Me is another.. Ed does it justice but it will never be his. H&C made it too massive to begin with.
  • dannydanny Posts: 2,164
    chikevin wrote:
    'crown of thorns'
    'rockin' in the free world'
    'hard sun;

    don't get me wrong, he can write his own shit, but the quetion he better when he interprets others.....


    keep on rockin in the free world best cover ever and my favourite cover!what a song!
    danny d
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