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so to make a long story short, a buddy of mine was going to let me use an extra ticket that he was going to have for the last show in philly on oct. 31st. however, it turns out he will be able to get his hands on this ticket for me use....essentially leaving me ticketless for this show. i will be in the area already for the show on the 30th as another friend will be letting me use her extra ticket.

i hate doing this but i got shutout of every presale on 10c and the public sales as well....

if there is a kind soul out there that would be willing to let me sit with you on october 31st, it would be greatly appreciated. i'll even buy a beer or soda and a pretzel for you!

not a bad deal, right?

if you have anything, please shoot me an email at <!-- e --><a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a><!-- e -->

thanks in advance!
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    I cant help ya now but what I recommend doing is if you are still out of luck come 10/31, just come on down to the Wishlist party and hang out for a while. We will have a "need one/got one" ticket sign up sheet for anyone with xtras or for anyone needing a ticket. My best hunch is a few people wind up getting stuck with a ticket with their friends being no shows etc

    Here's the thread for the info on the pre party. Hope it works out for you and we see you there both at the pre party and inside the Spectrum!

  • sounds like a plan to me. i'm hoping to have a ticket by then, but i will certianly be at the party both nights.

    thanks for the info.
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    I'm rooting for you.

    If anyone can, please help his guy out. Never met him, but has always been a nice guy on here.

    Have you tried the usual other sites? Stubhub, tickets now? Etc? Maybe you can find a single ticket, or find a partner to group up with here?

    Good luck! You gotta be there.
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    thanks vedd head! appreciate the support.

    here's a bump for the people that are awake already!
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    Keep your eyes on the board, and also look in the Given to Fly section too- tickets will start poping up soon as people plans change over the next few weeks- There have been extras for almost every show so far in the week leading up to it-Good luck a mind full of questions and a teacher in my soul...
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