saddest pj song ever?



  • Stone IronsStone Irons Posts: 430
    Off He Goes
    Light Years
    Sleight of Hand
    All or None
    Other Side
    Dead Man
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  • South of SeattleSouth of Seattle West SeattlePosts: 10,702
    "Off he goes" for me.
  • GillGill Posts: 56
    Has to be immortality for me...i listen to it whenever i feel depressed and it just echos my feelings. Really tears me up.
  • ChrisDChrisD Posts: 48
    Thorns2010 wrote:
    When Ed was trying to write a song about the Roskilde Festival tradegy (where 9 fans died in the pit) all he could come up with to express his feelings was Arc.

    Also it has only been performed 9 times.....and probably will never be again.

    he refers directly to the same drama in Love Boat Captain. So he came up with more

    this Arc is something heartfelt by him. I think there's no need for us to truly understand his specific emotion there. Or the bands for that matter.
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  • McShadeMcShade Posts: 156
    the first that come to mind are Footsteps and Black.
  • jammin1586jammin1586 Posts: 39
    Other Side, Black, and especially LIGHT YEARS - the live Pinkpop 2000 version is incredible (the one he dedicates to Diane from Sony)

    oh and I forgot All Or None. All or None is very sad and very incredible.
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  • Sad really had an impact on me, as well as Come Back, Black, Strangest Tribe, and Last Kiss, but Last Kiss wasn't written by him, so technically, it doesn't count. But it's still extrememly sad, especially when you accidentally start to visualize it.
    Black, Man of the hour, Immortality and Parting ways.
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  • ForestBrainForestBrain Posts: 460
    Strangest Tribe. It's not so much the lyrics as it is the way it is sung.
    And then of course Black. That song is just plain old sad.
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  • Enume CellEnume Cell Posts: 16
    Happy melody, sad lyrics. Brilliant.
  • angryyoungmanangryyoungman Medford, NYPosts: 996
    as well as those that have been mentioned, id say "4-20-02" (i think its 20) is one of the sadder ones. . .long road, off he goes, man of the hour, all remind me of my departed friend
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  • Kind of new to listening to PJ but the first one that pops into my Head is Black. "I know someday you'll have a beautiful life, I know you'll be a star
    In somebody else's sky, but why, why, why Can't it be, can't it be mine" Sad lyrics.
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  • doesnt arc stand for all roskilde's children?

    indifference makes me really sad, cant believe no one mentioned it yet. release, esp the part someone already mentioned, black, rearviewmirror, come back, thumbing my way, all or none, sleight of hand, rival, footsteps, sad, little wing cover (that song whoever its by makes me cry, along with angel) last kiss, nothingman, off he goes, low light

    around the bend, for some strange reason...
  • bacchanalbacchanal Posts: 147
    hard to imagine......that song oozes sadness.......LOVE IT!!!
  • vmfuryvmfury Posts: 1,079
    Off He Goes
    Man Of The Hour
    Sleight Of Hand
    Thumbing My Way
    Come Back
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  • whispering handswhispering hands Under your skinPosts: 13,527
    saddest song.. Crazy Mary.. I used to know a Crazy Mary ( and honestly that was our town-crazy-lady's name Mary.) and she ended up freezing to death one winter.. After that everytime I hear that song.. I think of how sad it had to be for her.. How horrid to die alone like that.. anyhow that song has always been sad to me.. Oddly enough, I'd known our Crazy Mary for two years by the time the song came out..I sang it toher her once.. She just smiled..hmm I have alot of Pearl Jam memories. lol but this would have to be the song I think is saddest

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  • korbykorby Posts: 298
    parting ways is feeling sad today. its cloudy

    until, in the end it sounds like waves breaking.

    i picture myself "drifting away on a surfboard.
    its ok
  • OneLove wrote:
    I always thought footsteps was near the top of the list.

    Works for me too. Peace, J
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  • vedderfan10vedderfan10 Posts: 2,497 question...this is a song of pure and utter deep seeded grief. It goes beyond grief, actually... There are lots of PJ songs about grief, but then there's "Black"...
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  • StellaStella Posts: 283
    Long Road,
    Crazy Mary

    they make my heart ache

    wash (i love it, but it makes my heart wrench for some reason?)

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  • come back will generally bring tears as will light years, moth hits a nerve at times too. Sometimes i listen to them when i need a good old cry
  • It wasnt written by PJ but they did a great job with it: last kiss. I mean, isnt that sad?? At first I would not pay attention to the words (plus I am not anglophone) cause the music is not that sad at all but when I eventually realised...And Come Back is also very sad, I LOVE IT! Oh and Footsteps (masterpiece!). ciao
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  • smithnicsmithnic Posts: 1,447
    I'm Still here
    The haunting spoken word is super sad
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  • jamminpearlsjamminpearls Posts: 7,061
    After hearing eddie talk about how the song came about i'd say Long Road. San diego 06 boot check out.
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  • Lukin66Lukin66 Posts: 3,063
    Come Back
    Nothing as it Seems
    All seem to be reflective of bad points in very dear relationships, and heartbreakers, every one of them.
    deep, deep blue of the morning
    gets to me every time
  • StereotypeStereotype Maribor, SloveniaPosts: 865
    Come back...
    ...never ever a song has made me cry so many times..I think of my father when listening to it...for some time I even avoided it..because it was just to painful..really a masterpiece example of lyrics and melody in perfect co-habitation..creating the same vibe..

    Btw does anybody knows what Eddie was thinking of/about when creating it?
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  • JamalJamal Posts: 2,115
    All or None
    Nothing as it seems
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  • I have to agree with her on that one...

    The true depth of the pain in “Black” tops the charts. The worst part about "Black" comes from the fact that that kind of loss is rather common in today's society. That's why "Black" is such an anthem for loss. It's because nearly everyone can connect, relate, or understand it. EV just had the skill, the guts, and the focus to bleed onto the empty sheet, his emotional hemorrhage congealing into the song that we all know so well. That kind of pain transcends time, culture, and station. It's the cut that never really heals….hauntingly beautiful if you ask me.

    It’s funny, though. We applaud EV for what he created, but how many of us can remember our own awkward school days? How many of us laughed at that one kid who cried in class? Was his pain any different than the pain that helped EV to create Black? Perhaps we, as a people, should examine how we treat others.

    Mr. Bruno question...this is a song of pure and utter deep seeded grief. It goes beyond grief, actually... There are lots of PJ songs about grief, but then there's "Black"...
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  • NothingW.NothingW. Posts: 19
    i don't know if sad is the accurate word but Black is the one song that always turns my guts inside out when i hear it. it's one of my favourite songs ever but i avoid hearing it (even though i love it to death) because i get so vulnerable i just can't take it... no other song does this to me...
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  • JordyWordyJordyWordy Posts: 2,257
    ALONE ALONE ALONE!! the lyrics remind me of Sad but i much prefer it

    "Got his knees to his face...he can't take it for another day. Yeah, yeah.
    Wide awake and he shakes in a panic. Never woke up alone
    Ever before.
    Had his woman long as he can remember.
    Tries to forget, but he can't... he can't...."

    PARTING WAYS - knowing a relationship is ending, its a disgusting feeling captured perfectly here!

    Insignificance - morbid

    Dead Man & Release - Hauting
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