Unemployment Blues

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Walking a sidewalk of blue suits
flashing their lit Garmins at me,
I hid myself in shelves of grey
threadbare and shiny. Understand
I had goals, too, lightening like the
biggest sun, but goals don't fix
my flattened shoes, or catch rainbows.
They don't empty unemployment blues.

I walk past a scented pushcart
scented from soft funnel cake snow.
I tower before shimmering 
towering stacks. If only I 
could show you my torn pocketbook
filled in notes of an endless void.
They don't buy a moment of bliss.
They don't empty unemployment blues.

Unemployment is a small branch
on a young tree during a third
hurricane, earning character.
The branch fails, it breaks, cast away.
It's time to fold my failure up
in borrowed and shared suitcases.
Prep my ears for advice blast loud
and drag my unemployment blues.
There is no such thing as leftover pizza. There is now pizza and later pizza. - anonymous
The risk I took was calculated, but man, am I bad at math - The Mincing Mockingbird
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