*** Boston, MA Fanviews Here 9/4/18 ***



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    anez_98 said:
    I feel like I'm the only who loves Arms Aloft. Great song! Was happy to hear it! 
    You're definitely not the only one, I was very happy to hear it too! Huge Clash/Strummer fan, and love that they're big fans too.
  • Gern BlanstenGern Blansten Your Mom'sPosts: 7,646
    Yeah I dug Arms Aloft...nice to hear it
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    The first time I heard AA live was at PJ20. I thought it was great. It's a fun, rocking tune. 
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  • oomm053 said:
    Loved the driving start to night 2. 1) Given to Fly. Here we go. 2) Animal. Alright !!! 3) Save You. Oh Yeah!!! 4) Arms Aloft. Oh No...… And then the "in Fenway Park" insertion. There was a palpable deflation of energy throughout the park. I don't want to come off as a spoiled and entitled brat, but I can't help but think what the place would have done if they had instead ripped into Last Exit, Brain of J, or given the political climate, Grievance or Insignificance. However, I still consider myself very lucky to have been there. Maybe Arms Aloft would have been better placed later in the set.
    yeah i thought the same things.  instead of AA, any of those songs, or cordouroy, or even unthought.  something that had a little more crowd participation.   splitting hairs here but it was an odd choice at that part of the show
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