*** Berlin, Germany Fanviews Here 7/5/18 ***

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Pearl Jam
Berlin, DE
July 05, 2018
Set List

Band Onstage: 7:57
Band Offstage: 10:31
Walk On Music: Metamorphosis #2-Phillip Glass

01. Wash
02. Sometimes
03. Corduroy
04. Why Go
05. Save You
06. Given To Fly
(Ed says it is very nice to be able to see the audience since they are playing in daylight.  He addresses them in German and asks the band when they have been here before.  Mike, Jeff and Stone had been here with Neil Young.  Ed introduces the band and special guest Danny Clinch. He says the next song is called “Blue Eyed Frog”.)
07. Red Mosquito w/ Danny Clinch on harmonica
08. In My Tree (Up here in my tree / Newspapers matter not to me Fuck Trump!)
(“I hear J. Mascis from the great Dinosaur Jr. is here tonight.  J. I am looking for you while it is still light out.  This is dedicated to J. Mascis”)
09. Even Flow
10. Wishlist (I wish I was as fortunate as Mike McCready)
11. Habit (“Speaking as a man who despises racism in any form” instead of the normal spoken part).  
12. Angie-(Jagger / Richards) Partial cover about 1:20 seconds
13. Daughter / It's OK-(Cole) - (cover lasts 4 min (I need all of you on this. I need all the girls, I need all the women.  I need all the people that love their girls and women.  Help me sing it)
14. Deep (During the “doesn’t like the view” section lays on his back with his head hanging upside down over the monitors.)
15. Mind Your Manners
16. Unthought Known
(Ed gives the audience in the pit 5 stars.  He says they are gonna play a slow song they can get romantic and he says they won’t play a Ramones song tonight but he wants people to check out the Ramones museum.  He continues talking about the Ramones and the audience starts to chant “Hey Ho-Let’s Go”.  Okay, I’m gonna play a quiet one.)
17. Lukin
18. Porch-(During instrumental part the audience are throwing around what I think are pieces of flat cardboard that look to hold six beers.  A few make it onto the stage.  Ed watches.  Jeff gets one and uses it to play his bass.  Ed climbs down to the barricade for the end of the song)

Encore Break 1
(Referring to all the beer caddy’s the audience was throwing around he says he knew the crowd was drinking but he didn’t realize how much they had been drinking.  He compares them to Seattle or Seattle to them.
He relates a story from a guy in Prague who was adamant that Ed reads his note.  The note says I went to the show with a neighbor I left with a wife.  This song is for you and neighbor. )
19. Thin Air
20. Thumbing My Way
(Dedicated to someone who is here tonight and they lived in Seattle for awhile.  His band never took off.  They had a hit in Belgium.  So if you are out there tonight Cliff Poncier, this one is for you.-Reference to a character in the Singles film that fronted a band portrayed by members of Pearl Jam.)
21. Breath
22. Do The Evolution
23. Black / Time Heals-(Rundgren) 20 second tag
24. Rearviewmirror

Encore Break 2
(Because of the curfew I want to introduce the next song quickly…my daughters went to the Berlin Wall and we want to dedicate this to Roger Waters and to thank him for educating us)
25. Comfortably Numb-(Gilmour, Waters)
26. Alive
27. Rockin' In The Free World-(Young) w/ J. Mascis
(Ed thanks the audience and the crew.  He thanks the promoter who has worked with them for years.)

Please share your experiences of the show here...the Fanview threads are preserved on the board.

Please keep the Fanview threads for Fanviews. It's ok to begin another thread on discussions of other topics and/or debates.

Thank you!

Thank you, John for the set list & notes.

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  • Seb77Seb77 AmsterdamPosts: 74
    Crowd was electric - band was on fire - unbelievable night!!
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  • yoyoyoyo FrancePosts: 261
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    RITFW ... my 3 idols in 1 song ... awesome ... you must have had that in Rome  =) ... hope to Paris next year !!!!
    Great setlist too !!!!

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  • idratherbeidratherbe Posts: 366
    Please please pleeeeease keep these incredible set lists going into the Home Shows... <3
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  • PJWGIIIPJWGIII Chicago, ILPosts: 323
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    Fantastic show, and I def want to see a video of Angie/Daughter/It's Ok. I wish there were streams online to see it (so Thanks Sea for the fanviews as always), because that's one incredible set!
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  • PJWGIIIPJWGIII Chicago, ILPosts: 323
    Please please pleeeeease keep these incredible set lists going into the Home Shows... <3
    They're not going to just keep these incredible sets going for the home shows, they will be even better! Just watch!
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  • curmudgeonesscurmudgeoness San DiegoPosts: 2,196
    IT'S OKAY 

    Um. Beyond that:

    Pros: cool set list, a few new songs for us, and, again, IT'S OKAY.

    Cons: freaking hot day, seriously drunk crowd , and the band didn't go on until nearly 8p.m., thus the show felt rushed.

    It was cool to hear several songs that we hadn't heard before. Krakow remains the highlight of this leg, to me.
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  • curmudgeonesscurmudgeoness San DiegoPosts: 2,196
    PJWGIII said:
    Fantastic show, and I def want to see a video of Angie/Daughter/It's Ok. I wish there were streams online to see it (so Thanks Sea for the fanviews as always), because that's one incredible set!
     I think streams would be hard to find, since cell signal was not there.
    All those who seek to destroy the liberties of a democratic nation ought to know that war is the surest and shortest means to accomplish it.
  • JamesNJamesN Fort LauderdalePosts: 111
    Ooh - Save You... Don't recall seeing that for a while - NICE!!!
    Wasn't looking too good but I was feeling real well...
  • KobboiKobboi Posts: 11
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    This is a long shot, but I have two Berlin posters and want to trade one for a Krakow one. (If this doesn't work out, I will sell the Berlin poster at the regular price and might even just bring it to you if you're still in the Berlin area this week).
    About the show: energetic crowd, that's for sure :) A bit too much at times, but maybe I was just in a more peaceful mood tonight :)
    Like in Krakau, met several nice people from all over the world, spreading the PJ love! I do hope the two Slovenian girls made it out alive :)

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  • Impossible to rank the shows I’ve attended (40+), but this was definitely a stand out. Crazy energy that was reminiscent of mid 90’s shows. What a venue, too. 

    Cant wait for the home shows 
  • PJWGIIIPJWGIII Chicago, ILPosts: 323

    Weird they keep crossing out Can’t Deny Me lately. Any other reason behind that besides time?
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  • dimitrispearljamdimitrispearljam NINUNINOPROPosts: 134,988
    No words. Up there to Amsterdam 2-2012
    "...Dimitri...He talks to me...'.."The Ghost of Greece..".
    "..That's One Happy Fuckin Ghost.."
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  • opsopcopolisopsopcopolis Posts: 566
    Pretty solid show. First Wash, IMT, Habit, and Thumbing My Way for me. Love that I’ve gotten a handful of firsts at every show this run. Band seemed to be having fun. In losing some of his upper register Ed seems to have remembered how to really dig into those high notes (see Deep from this show.) Venue was cool, but goddamn the sun was brutal and only cash with no ATMs was unfortunate. Probably my least favorite of the three shows, but one of the better PJ runs I’ve seen 
  • OlivavuOlivavu EnglandPosts: 1,505
    Breath?! I have never heard that live and am desperate to. Hoping for it to happen in London. And Oceans.
  • SpinTheLastExitSpinTheLastExit Edinburgh, ScotlandPosts: 214
    Brilliant. Got the four songs I really wanted to hear on this tour in one show. I am so happy!!!
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    The crowd was crazy!
    As there was no separate section for the 10c we all ended up together and with the pushes coming from behind it felt like mayhem!
    I started very central in front of Eddie, 15 “rows” away from the rails. After the first 11 songs I was in “row” 5
    Amazing show!
    Amazing experience!
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  • MK88178MK88178 ChicagoPosts: 394
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    The crowd just killed it tonight. From Wash to Rockin just a perfect set that didnt give the crowd a chance for a let down.

    This is at the top for me, and the Philly 10 show may have been dethrowned.

    Thank you German and all the other fans from the World the decended on Waldbühne you made this a life moment.

    Everyone buy this Boot!
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  • cyrielbuyssecyrielbuysse Posts: 179
    This was my my twenty something show and by far the best.

    waldbuhne is a gorgeous venue. starting with wash, sometimes,... sound got better and better with each song.

    The guy in the seat in front of me pointed J. Mascis out, then when ed mentioned him he waved very dryly, and the kid next to him (son?) thought that was hilarious. 
    First time I got to hear habit, awesome!! 

    Then daughter with it’s ok tag, still can’t grasp that feeling... been watching the touring band dvd for a million times, never thought I would see this one live ever, and now I saw it two times in Berlin, and what a version it was...

    Requested thin air... and it was played!!! give me a year or so and then I’ll be able to reflect on that truly amazing feeling of hearing that beautiful song in such a nice setting. Stone and mike were pointing at each other who almost screwed that lick after the first verse (they didn’t, but it was close)
    Thumbing my way... I don’t know how but German crowds, they listen to music, no chattering, no iPhones, just the music.

    comfortably numb is still ringing in my ears... had to think of the departed where that song is playing when the undercover played by di caprio is making out with his shrink, awesome version!
    mikes solo in black was one of the best ever, he certainly had one of those nights when he was channeling stuff. My wife calls him a tiger When he’s making small turns like a tiger in a cage.
    j Mascis is an awesome guitar player, ritfw rocked!!!

    awesome show, awesome venue, awesome crowd, awesome city, best band in the world, thank you!!

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  • deftonesdeftones Athens, GreecePosts: 2,317
    We were discussing with friends before the show saying that they cannot beat Krakow unless they want to...well they did wanted to. That was an amazing show. I feel very lucky that I chose to be in Prague, Krakow and Berlin this year. Tomorrow I am heading back home with a huge smile on my face. 
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  • binaural2002binaural2002 GermanyPosts: 2,204
    Wow! What the f**k! What a fantastic show! Entrance was incredibly horrible and not really organized imo. but the concert was absolutely brilliant. 
    I took some videos, so if You're interested, just click the link in the signature. 
    If someone has a poster he( she wants to sell, just let me know. Button also would be great. Both was sold out when I arrived at the venue. The Berlin shirt also, but I don't like it, so its not as important as the other 2 things .
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  • HailHailVitalogyHailHailVitalogy Posts: 3,497
    Missed Quote: “This song is called...tiny penis, orange man”

    Floor was nuts! Out of 38 shows...Rome, Krakow, and Berlin all crack the top 10. Amazing setlist once again.....wash, sometimes, SAVE YOU, red mosquito, in my tree, thin air, thumbing, breath.....RVM was INSANE
    MSG > everything combined
  • dimitrispearljamdimitrispearljam NINUNINOPROPosts: 134,988
    And they fuckin top it.. While after Krakow i said they cant do it this tour. Fuck me
    "...Dimitri...He talks to me...'.."The Ghost of Greece..".
    "..That's One Happy Fuckin Ghost.."
    “..That came up on the Pillow Case...This is for the Greek, With Our Apologies.....”
  • stankratzstankratz Posts: 183
    Possibly the 'shortest' out of my 18 shows, but definitely the sweetest. Just an amazing night in Berlin. 

    Thanks to all.
  • stankratzstankratz Posts: 183
    Oh and btw, J.Mascis ate the fuck out of that guitar in RITFW, what a treat. 
  • iOnlyownMymindiOnlyownMymind Posts: 1,477
    Wow. What a setlist! Wash, Breath, and It's OK tag!!! I want those for Seattle II or Missoula.
  • 2-feign-reluctance2-feign-reluctance Posts: 16,914
    No words. Up there to Amsterdam 2-2012
    Great set!
  • evenflow82evenflow82 Posts: 3,325
    Nothing like J mascis on guitar. The man is a damn beast.
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  • BS44325BS44325 Posts: 5,608
    No words. Up there to Amsterdam 2-2012
    Completely agree...this was one of the all time greats. If it wasn’t for the firm 10:30 curfew it would have edged out Amsterdam. 
  • UnemployableUnemployable Hertfordshire, UK Posts: 26
    Freakin amazing show. Its OK, Breath.... Speechless. Awesome venue, awesome crowd. Best RVM ever, soooooo much energy!

    Saw them at Wuldeheide in 2014 and Waldbuhne tops that venue. 
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