BOOM: A film about The Sonics documentary with Mike McCready

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olykazphotography Special thanks to Mike McCready for taking the time to do an interview for the Sonics documentary, Boom!, directed by @jordanalbertsen . The Pearl Jam family is such a class act from top to bottom. @kshuss11 , it was great to see you and thank you for making us all feel at home. #pearljam#sonics #mikemccready @pearljam @pearljamonline @thesonicsboom
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    Huge thanks to Mike McCready for being a part of BOOM!

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    Mike is everywhere these days
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    BOOM fans! We need your help!! We are trying to find ANY old images of The Sonics for the film! So if anybody knows anybody who might have some old pictures or film laying around in boxes or storage, PLEASE let us know! Anything involving any of the original members of the band would be HUGE!! Also looking for any old pictures of Tacoma/Seattle from the 50's and 60's. Thanks!!

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    My first thought was, "Jeff would be the most appropriate member of the band to talk about The Sonics."
    Then I realized we were talking about the band, not the awesome basketball team that once called Seattle home. That's a story that deserves it own well done documentary as well. 
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    Can’t wait for this doc. Sonics deserve all the attention they can get. 
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