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  • I watched this last night for free on Amazon since I'm a Prime Member (great benefit). It's awesome, I plan to buy the blu-ray once it's back in stock. My observations:

    1. I'm an SF Giants fan and I was heartbroken when Cubs ended our even year mojo, but so glad they beat the hated Dodgers and won a very dramatic 7 game WS. It's interesting how the August concert was edited to make it seem like Pearl Jam were playing these songs in the thick of the WS hunt. The scenes of Eddie in October were seamlessly edited back into the film and most casual observers (non-baseball fans) probably didn't notice.
    2. Performance of Release for John was epic/heartwarming. And all the special guests they brought up on stage were very cool too. The All The Way performance was nice, but on a related note I watched the Cubs WS parade on ESPN and the commentators were so overblown in their assessment of the Cubs victory it made me sick. They seriously acted like it was the second coming and that the Cubs WS win was the only epic comeback in WS history. Sorry, not true - but so glad for Eddie and the Cub fans. As a Giants fan I'm spoiled now!
    3. Great song selection, they seemed to favor the first three albums which I don't mind, but hearing Lightning Bolt live made me like that song more.

    Hope the band still wants to record a new album someday - maybe 2018? Great job Pearl Jam!
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  • bbison said:
    This film sits squarely at the intersection of two of my passions: PJ and the Cubs. I was at all 3 Wrigley shows. I'm clearly the target audience here. It's a nice keepsake of a glorious year for both, but it feels like a missed opportunity to me. There's complete pro-shot footage of these shows sitting in the digital can somewhere, just begging to be let loose. 

    I definitely enjoyed this, but can't see ever owning a copy, unless one shows up under the tree next month. Not something you'd watch multiple times. But put out a mega-deluxe Let's Play Two set with both 2016 shows complete, throw in a few goodies and damn...name your price--here's my credit card--take my money!

    Until then, there's the authorized boots and YouTube I guess. 
    I agree, unfortunately. 

    I was at all 3 shows, and had a blast at Wrigley (always do). But I'm a life long White Sox fan, I'm not going to really watch the documentary of the Cubs playoff run. I saw it once on MLB TV so I'm good. 

    I wish this was was a concert film without the baseball tie in. 

    But hey, great for people that are really enjoying it. And a great gift for Cubs/PJ fans.  I'll buy the boots. 
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    I dont like the film! The problem is that it is an PJ/CC film and not an PJ film.
    Two good concerts were filmed good but destroyed by this film.
    Some songs are not complete (cut/edited) and in some songs are "off" audio/video material.

  • mans_amans_a Posts: 16
    As a non-baseball but hardcore PJ fan, I enjoyed it. Though next time I watch it I will skip all the baseball stuff. It wasn't amazing by any stretch, but still a nice treat
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    mans_a said:
    As a non-baseball but hardcore PJ fan, I enjoyed it. Though next time I watch it I will skip all the baseball stuff. It wasn't amazing by any stretch, but still a nice treat
    I wasn't amazed by the movie either, but I still thoroughly enjoyed the experience at the time because I saw it in the theatre. The VIP one no less, so we were drinking the whole time, lounging in leather recliners and everything, lol. A very fun night out and highly entertaining on the big screen. I don't think I'll ever watch this film at home though.
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  • I had a chance to watch the DVD for the first time tonight, and I absolutely loved it! I'm not a big Cubs fan, but I found myself cheering them on. Of course by now I knew they had won the World Series, but it was still very moving to actually watch them win. Oh, and of course I enjoyed the PJ music! :)
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