FS: 2000 Bootlegs almost complete set 63 out of the 72 shows for sale....NOW WITH SURPRISE BONUS!!

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Selling my collection of the 2000 tour bootlegs that I've accumulated over the years. Some were bought new and some were picked up used from various sources. They are in good condition with some showing a bit of shelf wear on the soft cardboard cases (see pics for details) and some might have minor scratches that don't affect play. This set includes 63 out of the 72 shows in this series - the missing shows are 13, 26, 34, 35, 47, 54, 66, 68, 69. Total price for this set is $750 usd (I'll cover shipping withing US and Canada, and I'll eat the paypal fees...yum!).

A great way to get a jump of getting the whole tour.

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    Extra pics.

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    Pre-weekend bump.
  • Seeeeeeexy!! Whooo!!
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    Seeeeeeexy!! Whooo!!

    I know, right?!? I lined them up for the pics and my wife said, "A rainbow of discs".
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    Humpday bump day.
    Feel free to make an offer.
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    Pre-loooooooong weekend bump...and price drop - the best kinda bump!! $666 and these bad boys are all yours.
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    Oh boy - that is one really embarrassing typo (or one scary Freudian slip!!!). The priced drop was supposed to be $600. I can't even blame my fat fingers (the six key is nowhere near the zero). I don't know what to say...let's chalk it up to my excitement to start the long weekend and leave it at that.
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    Just to sweeten the pot - I'm adding the Dissident "Live in Atlanta" 3 CD digipak set to this lot. Get all those sweet sweet 2000 bootlegs PLUS this triple CD set....how can you resist!?!?

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    Humpday bump.
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