Goodness 1st Album on Vinyl! Perks include complete Missoula, MT '98 show w/Mike McCready SBD



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    They still haven't fixed the US only shipping thing :(

    Best to message them. They will help ya out. :)
    I was trying to find a link to message the person running the crowdfund, but I didn't see anything. What I am I missing?
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    @guerrillacandy Hey guys, the Goodness Indiegogo needs $75 to meet its goal. Buy a classic record & help them reach their goal
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    @Latent_Print The Goodness vinyl campaign wraps up this Friday. Get yours now! Don't miss out!!
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    never did figure out how to buy it from canada, but I'm tempted to buy the digital version just for the missoula show.
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    Goodness Launches IndieGoGo Campaign To Release Debut Album On Vinyl

    MAY 2, 2017

    Among the wave of bands to come out of the “Seattle Scene” in the early to mid-1990s was the overlooked band called Goodness. They were led by former Hammerbox singer Carrie Akre vocals, guitar); and featured Danny Newcomb (guitar, vocals); Garth Reeves (guitar, vocals); Chris Friel (drums) and Fiia McGann (bass, cello, vocals).

    Like many bands of that era, Goodness had ties to Pearl Jam. Akre, Friel, and Newcomb would late join Pearl Jam lead guitarist Mike McCready and bassist Rick Friel to form the Rockfords. McCready also appeared, although using the non-de plume “Petster,” on the Goodness track “Electricity, Electricity” which appeared on their debut album and “Schoolhouse Rock! Rocks” compilation release.

    Goodness made their introduction in 1995 with their self-titled debut album released on
    Y Records, then signed to the bigger label Immortal/Epic to release the follow up, 1996’s ‘Anthem.’ Good Ink Records picked up the band for the last studio album, 1998’s ‘These Days.’ The band had a nice run as the opening act for tours by Cheap Trick, Oasis, and of course Pearl Jam. But it wasn’t enough to keep the band going. There’s been a few sporadic reunions shows, but nothing as far as a new studio album.

    With the recent surge in vinyl sales, Goodness has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to raise money to release their debut album on vinyl. The band has offered up many different price packages with a lot of cool swag to be had if you’d like to donate and purchase the record.  ORDER HERE

    No word on a reunion album or tour yet, but if the demand for the vinyl is high, I am betting we might see Goodness on the radar again.

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    Got my tickets to the show! It will be fun to see them together again.
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    Goodness Vinyl Release Party w/ STAG

    Saturday, Nov 11, 2017 9:00 PM PST (8:00 PM Doors)
    Tractor, Seattle, WA
    21 years and over

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    So, the vinyl release show at the Tractor Tavern may be sold out but, the in-store performance @ Easy Street Records is open to the public, free, and just one month away from today! Hope to see you there!

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