my first attempt to make it home



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    The memory of sanity
    A taste of freedom
    All is lost
    Without you
    The present tense
    Is yesterday's sense
    Without you here
    I play in the rain
    Listening to the birds
    But not live
    For that's the way
    Without you
    I got no tomorrow
    No yesterday
    I only have
    This stupid tape

    Silly love poem

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    Sadness has a strong grip
    Taking away my will to live
    Give and give 
    I need the give
    Death has taken my life
    Down on the down
    Now i must turn
    Towards the light
    And blow out the candle
    Of my night
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    Days go by
    I am bored
    I wish i was young
    Believed in the lord

    Now I'm smart
    Believe in denial
    Gaining momentum
    It's the style

    I'd lift you up
    If i was strong
    I'd give you up
    If i didn't belong

    So close
    Spirits remain
    But i can't gather
    The end of your pain

    Love is strong
    Love didn't belong
    In a moment
    Gone wrong

    That's why i die
    With every thought
    Love in your eyes
    I just drift away

  • Beautiful perpective...
    "And blow out the candle
     Of my night"

    With these lines you Gifted to me the insight of not looking so intently at the dark side and paying more attention to the day....thank you....
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    Mostly me shyner very dark. Unreadable really. 

    Thank you
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  • Its ok...sadness...what we all do...sometimes one just has to literally shake... attention to the things...if the doing of that thing hurts..dont do that thing...or do that thing less...I am also very depressed...and am struggling to stay...tuning in to the glowing parts of your poems has helped me to release some of the sadness that I cannot easily express...although it has also freaked me out a bit at how low I can go and deeply I feel and how much I relate to the sadness in your poems...learning to face it full frontal and walk through heals greatly for me..something that I think that is common to the people on these boards... to quote the po'girls...nothing is one is easy...let me go easy...when it gets hard...I wish you peace and send you love dear Shyner..
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    I am feeling okay after reading you here. 
    Im sure tomorrow ill have to shake off the things that own my nerves. Im a nerve and stomach pained person trying to fight through many catastrophic diseases handed to loved ones. 

    I guess we all have a disease called life. 
    Im having problems turning my brain off. 

    Thank god for music. God gave rock n roll to us. 
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    Got a gun
    In my hand
    Got it loaded
    Im the man
    Pull the trigger
    Close my eyes
    Close my eyes
    Pull the trigger
    One day said
    Your bigger
    Than me
    But now with
    My gun
    How could
    That be
    Pray for forgiveness
    Laugh at the crime
    Fmj looks delicious
    I feel like dying
    Im a slab
    Burn me up
    Blame is hate
    Remember love
    When your
    Rebooting the system
    To tease the boy
    Ill be in heaven
    Make you real
    Is what i will do
    In your honor
    I will
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    I am free
    I am tired
    I am wired
    Start a fire
    Make it home
    A place
    Your gone
    Maybe I'll join you
    On the sun
    Where is love
    Where is hope
    Maybe I'll find
    I go
    I don't know
    Stomach turns
    Depression burns
    Locked me out
    Now i steal
    The heart you gave
    Wasn't real
    I'm thankful
    For good

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    The shades go down
    The lights go out
    Another lonely day
    Without you
    I try to move on
    Forget all the wrong
    One foot in front
    One foot lost
    Disease banging on the door
    I can't take anymore
    It's silly to explore
    Creation in me bores
    Do you wanna fly
    I surely see it

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    Shyner died. 
    Literature death. 
    Happen all the time. 

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    Refer to backspacer
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  • Did you put  a little fixin on it?
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    Dedicated to blue sky, justam, and all the poets by the trees and lakes

    The air is enough
    The silence
    Is a drug
    The numbness
    Is love
    Here i go
    Living again

    It's a
    Long long road
    Memories flicker
    In n out
    Of my brain
    Back to the place

    Air is enough
    Silence is drugs
    Numbness is love
    Living again

    Cause I'm there
    You stood there
    I'm there

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    Being alive and breathing air outside with the trees and a blue sky is always something to be grateful for and not take for granted.  Thanks for the dedication. 
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    He is here
    Never gone
    Don't be sad
    Move along
    In the new
    Way of life
    You say dark
    I say bright
    Give me a hand
    It's the promised land
    A way to be alive
    Even after dying

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    Poetry not felt
    Stick in the vein
    Breaking hearts
    Walking my way
    The door locked
    The door closed
    Guess i got no choice
    I better go now
    Far away from blood
    Closer to the love
    Never is enough
    Honesty becomes none
    I am positive
    Positively strong
    Made it through a storm
    Another one looms
    Why don't you help
    Why won't you help
    Couldn't do anymore
    Gotta get away
    To the ocean
    In the garden
    Up in skies
    Around a corner
    Way up high
    Lift me up
    Set me down
    Tell me 
    You don't love me
    But throw away everything
    I am everything
    In the trash

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    You and i would cross the sky
    Then we'd try to buy the innocence
    Left behind the night
    In your eyes i find life
    In your sin i find rest
    It's so happy but oh so sad
    Leaving all good to do bad
    You and i we'd torch the rain
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    War established
    Got my stones
    Gonna end up
    A pile of bones
    My words lament
    My heart repents
    If it makes sense
    I'll be on my way
    Catching bullets
    With my teeth
    Smile toothless
    Filler i seek
    I'll be on my way
    There's no home
    Nothing here for me
    I'll be on my way
    Just another disease
    War is dead
    Like my heart

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    Keeping you alive
    None of my business
    I talk jive
    In rhyme
    Nothing but silence
    Splattered on the floor
    Close the door
    No more
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    Alcohol makes me devine
    Makes me decline
    I die everytime
    So stay awake with me
    While i fight the urge
    To give light away
    To drain everything

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